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Cosner 40 Book Challenge!

Overview of 40 Book Challenge

Helen Cosner

on 15 August 2018

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Transcript of Cosner 40 Book Challenge!

40 Book Challenge
What is it?

The 40 Book Challenge is a year long Independent reading personal challenge.

You have 2 goals:
1. To find books, genres, and authors that you love!
2. To read as many books as you can!
What books do I read?
The 40 Book Challenge is choice based, this means that you choose the books you read.

In order to complete the challenge you must complete all the genre requirements on the grid.

You must write the title of the book on the grid and color the grid for the genre.

For example: you must read 3 historical fiction books, but you get to choose what historical fiction you read!

- 40 Book Challenge Section of your notebook.

-Log pages to keep track of books read. Keep a log that works for you!

- "Book Bucket List."
Keep track of books suggested to you by teachers and peers!

Where can I get books?
- From home

-From the Southwestern & Columbus Public Library

-The Media Center
- We will go _______________
- You can go in the morning or at lunch

- Our classroom libraries
Most commonly asked questions
- Can I read a book to my baby sister and count it?
- Can I read a poetry book that is short, but still on my reading level?
-Can I read a book that has pictures and count it?
YES if it is a just-right book
-Can I read a book twice and count it twice?
-Can I read a book with a friend?
YES, up to 10 books
-Do books we read as a class count?
-Can I count all the books I read last year?
-Can I bring my e-reader in for reading time?
YES, but it your responsibility to keep track of it.
The Rules
In order for a book to count, you must write the title on your grid and conference once with a teacher about this book.

- There is no minimum number of pages a book must be to count

-If a book is more than 300 pages it will count as 2 books.
Does it count for a grade?
Yes and No.
You do not get a grade for how many books you read, but you will get a grade for assignments based on the books you are reading. It is important that you always have a book to read and that you complete your journal responses!
VIDEO: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BziAkP_2t0xoNER6QUVvX3ZfNlE/view
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