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Biosphere Pros & Cons

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Dhivya Arasappan

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Biosphere Pros & Cons

Biosphere Pros & Cons
Dhivya Arasappan

- The grass seeds that we planted grew and
matured, adding oxygen to the environment.

- The already planted grass and moss have
continued to grow and survive.

- The plastic covering on top of the jar helped
the water cycle repeat.

- Included plastic covering to allow water cycle to repeat by evaporation,condensation, then precipitation.

- Placed moss, grass and grass seeds to produce oxygen
and take in carbon dioxide.

- Three worms and a couple ants were placed into the
biosphere to breathe out carbon dioxide for the plants
to function.

- A pond full of water was placed downhill of the plants so that runoff would collect back in the pond.

- Our pond was made out of aluminum foil.
1. Give the ants a food source and that they will consume.

2. Separate the pond from
the soil completely so that
if the pond leaks then the
soil won't be flooded.

3. Plant more grass seeds, grass
and moss.

4. Place a filter over the pond so that only the runoff water will flow into the pond.

Many of our ideas were would have worked in a n ideal situation, but some things such as the runoff system didn't work properly.

If we did this project again we would definitely have better results because we now know what to expect.
- The water in our pond has flooded into the biosphere, soaking the soil with water. The tin foil might have leaked out some the water.

- The three worms died because of the excess water in the soil which was caused when the water was tipped over.

- The several ants that were put into the biosphere have not been seen; the ants may not have found anythings to eat and probably died.

- Though the idea of using the runoff water was a good idea, not all of the water made it back into teh pond and if it did it brought some soil with it.
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