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TechNO to TechGO

No description

Amanda Peterson

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of TechNO to TechGO

by Amanda Peterson
Tiffany Garcia
Veronica Torres

TechNO to TechGO
Contact Information
Amanda Peterson
E-Mail: apeterson@lcisd.org
Twitter: @agpeterson75

Tiffany Garcia
E-Mail: tgarcia@lcisd.org

Veronica Torres
E-Mail: vtorres@lcisd.org
Print a page of address labels
Each student gets to wear for the day. They no longer have a name. When a student wants to speak to someone, they must call them by their answer (e.g. 10)

What is Your Number
Materials Needed:
Popcorn container
Ping pong balls
Flash cards

In this center/station activity one person will hold the flash cards the rest will stand in line. The first person up will answer 5 flash cards for each correct answer he/she will toss one ping pong ball into the popcorn container. Once the first person is finished answering 5 cards he/she will switch places with the person holding the flash cards. This process continues until everyone has had a turn at answering or until it is time to switch.
Popcorn Math
Each Hershey Kiss has a math problem or an answer on the bottom. Pass out a kiss to each participant and have them find their partner.

Found on Pinterest
Hershey Kisses
Candy Bar Fractions
PassWord Game
Create a post with pictures or words that students will describe.

In groups of two: Put your backs together one partner looking at the board will describe. The partner not looking at the wall will guess what the word is by the descriptions he or she is given.
Describe the word to a partner without using the word in the description.
Mad Minutes with Activexpressions
Each student gets an Activexpression. After everyone turns on their Expression the teacher starts the Mad Minute Flipchart and math facts will appear on each Expression for students to answer.
Cups are placed on each students desk. (Some students may get more than one cup.) Begin with the "Start" cup. The first person reads the question/statement on the inside of the cup, then walks around the room looking for the answer that matches. Once the answer is found, they stack their cup on the answer. Play continues until you reach the last cup.
The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Fraction Book by: Jerry Pallotta,
One Hershey’s candy bar for each student
One blank sheet of paper for each student
One Hershey’s sheet for each student
One overhead of the Hershey’s Fractions sheet and pencils and crayons.
iPad apps
Math Promethean Flipcharts
Regrouping with 3-digit numbers

2Dx2D Multiplication

2Dx1D Multiplication
Flash Masters
Some of our Favorite Websites
Materials Needed:
Plastic cups
Question/Answer cards

Lobster Diver HD
Division Wiz
Addition Wiz
Subtraction Wiz
Division ! !
Sushi Monster
Everyday Mathematics (Mc-Graw Hill)
Math Mago
Fractions (with Jungle Animals)
Factor Samurai
Divisibility Dash (McGraw-Hill)
Chicken Coop Fractions
The classroom DS for timed math facts practice!!!

Use: You can use them in the classroom as everyday facts practice. You can set the time limit, whether you want the facts in order or mixed.

You can use them for a quick 180 second daily time test to encourage them to study their facts. The Flash Master can be used in a station or when students complete their classwork, they can practice their facts.
Instant results for the students to know what they still need to improve on or challenge themselves with

Fabulous Fractions by AIMS Education Foundation
Presentation Link
During the story and hands-on activity, observe the student’s
participation and their ability to display the correct fractional
parts. Use the fractions sheet to assess the student’s
knowledge of the lesson.
To instruct the student how to simplify the fractions that they
have created, and how to demonstrate equivalent fractions.
1. Begin by giving each student a Hershey’s candy bar.
2. Ask the students to how many candy bars our in the room.
3. Then have half of the class remove the outer brown wrapper. What
fraction would we write to show the number of candy bars that still
have brown wrappers? What is another way to we could write this
as a fraction?
4. Then have all the class remove their wrappers and break apart the pieces.
5. Introduce the story The Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Fraction Book.
6. When finished with the story, call out various fractions for the students
to show with their candy bar pieces. Have them write the fraction to
represent the amount they have shown.
7. Next, call out different fractional parts for the students to eat.
8. Pass out the Hershey’s Fractions sheet.
9. Using the overhead go over the sheet with the students.
10. Move around the room and assist students as they complete the sheet
I have.. Who has
I have.. Who has.. questions

I have.. Who has.. answers
I have.. Who has.. questions

I have.. Who has.. answers
Long Division

Mad Minutes

Shopping Cart Math
Math Jeopardy Review
Fraction Apps
Candy Factory App
Jungle Fractions
QR Codes
Math Review
Math Scavenger Hunt
Math Websites
Math Homework
Self Checking
Buhler Math Videos
Buhler Math Videos can be found on YouTube
Search buhlermath

Ways to use the videos
Post to Edmodo for students to watch
Use with QR Code
Introduction of a new math concept
Reteach tool
Buhler Math Double Digit Addition
Buler Math Factor Video
AKW Factor Tree
Vocab Shirts
Factor Tree
Helps with multiplication, division, factors, GCD, LCM, finding all factor pairs. It gives immediate feedback for each step so that students can determine whether they are making arithmetic or conceptual errors.

tracks: question accuracy, step accuracy, answer speed, number questions. Feed back on progress.

Tutorial are provided for each exercise, so students can learn on their own or with the aid of their teacher or tutor. Tutorials are also provided on YouTube video lessons accessible from the app.
For students not ready for mental math, this app provides a scratchpad to work out calculations.
Factor Tree Video from YouTube
Math Dojo Part 1
Math Dojo Part 2
Math Dojo Part 3
Math Dojo Part 4
Thinking Blocks
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