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Cal North Player Development

No description

Cal North

on 16 February 2016

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Transcript of Cal North Player Development

Small Sided Standards
Mini Field
4v4 - U6-U8
Development Field
7v7 - U9-U10

Small Sided Field
9v9 - U11-U12
Cal North Player Development
Build Out Lines
Full Size Field
11v11 - U13 and onwards
Players at this age need to develop basic motor skills such as walking, running, and changing direction. A smaller space will help them to develop these skills while also providing more interaction with the ball, teammates, and opponents.
Players a this age need to develop speed and agility. For this reason we promote play on a bigger field. Players will have more space to move in control of the ball and face 1v1 situations against an opponent in different parts of the field.
Players at this age need to develop coordination, balance and visual awareness. Increasing the number of players requires faster decision making so players can develop partnerships and game intelligence.
Development Field 47x30 Yards
U9 and U10 - 7v7 - 14 Players per team
7v7 formations promote a good distribution of the players on the field and provide a versatile framework to introduce simple tactical elements at an early age.
Formations are focused in the development of attacking elements of the game.
1-2-3-1 Formation: Designed to develop passing and movement of the ball.
1-3-2-1 Formation: Designed to promote forward runs and 1v1 situations.
U11- and U12 - 9v9 - 16 Players per team
On a bigger field 9v9 formations are ideal to keep developing attacking elements of the game and introduce basic defensive concepts working as a unit.
1-3-2-3 Formation: Designed to provide space in midfield areas and provide multiple attacking options at front.
1-3-3-2 Formation: Designed to understand basic defensive organizations and promote build up play.
Small Sided Field 75x47 Yards
Development Rules
For 7v7

The build out line is used to
promote playing the ball out
of the back in an unpressured setting.

When the goal keeper has the ball,
either during play (from the opponent)
or from a goal kick, the opposing team
must move behind the build out line.
Once the opposing team is
behind the build out line, the
goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball to a teammate (no punting).

After the ball is put into play by the goalkeeper, the opposing team can cross the build out line an dplay resumes as normal.
Field Types & Progression
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