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Why I Love Pandora's Self Serving Insights Blog

This B2B product blog's simple, data-rich infographics delight all the way from click-through to conversion.

Michael Sweeney

on 30 August 2017

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Transcript of Why I Love Pandora's Self Serving Insights Blog

Why I Love Pandora's
Self-Serving Insights Blog

The introduction is only two short paragraphs.
The first section explains the core concept the article addresses.
The third section provides a 3-step how-to. Each step is only two sentences at most. This may seem scant, but it is sufficient.
The second section directs the reader to take prescriptive action.
For good measure, a one-paragraph case study includes high-level ROI metrics, plus a link to the full case study.
The chart title highlights the most significant data point.
The headline is immediately relevant to a discernible targeted audience (marketers).
The patterned fill shows commonality among a group of smaller sections.

Unfortunately, the pattern is too fine to easily observe. This affects readability at smaller sizes.
The chart uses a solid fill and a patterned fill to emphasize the most important value.
Assigning different colors for each column increases the contrast, and plays up Pandora's brand color.
The black background provides more contrast, and keeps the information from being swallowed up in the blog theme's whitespace.
Marketing Excellence for Design Professionals
Thanks for watching!
Adding the word "Audience" to this label would make this infographic communicate a clearer and more complete message.
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