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on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Hercules

His dad was Zues and his Mom was Princess Alcmene, so he was a Demi-God
His wives on earth were Megara, who he had 5 kids with, and Deianeira, who killed him. His wife on olympus is Hebe-the god of youth
Early Life
When he was 8 months old Hera sent 2 snakes to kill hercules but he killed them instead
When he was 18 we was leading a flock of sheep when a lion attacked, hercules killed it with his bare hands.
After hercules married Megara and had 5 children Hera ricked him into thinking that his family was snakes, so he killed them only to realize it was his family

12 Labors of hercules
• Kill the Nemea lion
• Kill the 9 headed hydra
• Capture the Arcadian stag
• Kill the Boar of Erymanthus
• Clean the Augean stables
• Kill the Stymphalis birds
• Capture the bull of Crete
• Kill the Diomedes man-eating mares.
• Obtain the girdle from the queen of the amazons
• Capture the Geryon oxen
• Take the golden apples from the garden of Hesperides.
• Bring Cerberus to the surface of the planet.

After Hercules did all these things he married Deianira, after that a centar named Nessus tried to kidnap Deianira, but Hercules shot him with a poisoned arrow. As Nessus was dying he told Deianira to keep his blood to save Hercules love for her. Later when she feared Hercules loved another person she soaked his clothes in the blood and it poisoned him. Hercules got on a pyre to kill himself, then was saved by his father Zues, and made him immortal and so he could live on Olympus

Hercules would get most Athletic in his yearbook because he had a lot of strength. When he was only eighteen years old he killed a lion with his bear hands. Then during the 12 trials he wrestled with a bull and fought a lot of different monsters.
Hercules, Blessed with strength and power
The son of the lightning king and a God. Accidentally killed his family and felt sorrow went to a king and got 12 trials Which were only completed because of his power. He forgave himself and got another wife who was kidnapped by a Centar. The Centar was killed but his blood was saved to be used by his wife on hercules, thst is how Hercules died and was saved by Zues.
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