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No description

Nancy Torchiano

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Volcanoes-Megan

What are they?
During the volcano you should build a emergency survival kit.
Follow the evacuation order issued by authorities and evacuate the area.

You should be very aware about river valleys.
Remember to help neighbors to avoid sickness and issues.
The effect of a volcano is bad for people because of the pressure of the volcano that may have just happened.
Every volcano effect of course is bad because the magma that has spewed out will hot hot hot!
The effect will be more unsafe places and people could be harmed.
Then go outside to look for lava. (Magma) (This is why we have safety!)
What to do before
What is a volcano? A volcano is a mountain shaped disaster that spews out magma.
In a volcanic eruption hot magma spews out from beneath the earth's crust.
If the pressure is enough for the volcano to crack open it will erupt. Magma is now called lava.
What to do before a volcano? Get together with a group of people to get a plan.
Move away from anywhere near a volcano.
Make sure you have a back up plan.
Find information about your volcano.
What to do after a volcano
What to do after a volcano? Go to a safe place not near magma.
Then evacuate unsafe places.
Go to the nearest shelter to you.
Find a new home where is perfectly safe.CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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