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No description

Andrea Gutiérrez

on 3 October 2015

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Transcript of BRAVEHEART

Randal Wallace

: a lot of battles Scots against English and vice versa. There were too many deaths, among them, Malcolm and John, Murron and William.
: Robert betrayed William, and so he died. Robert said to Wallace, "My God, he has a brave heart!".
Scotland is a country situated in the north of the United Kingdom, between the Atlantic Ocean, Irish Sea and North Sea. Its capital is Edinburgh. The official language is English, although there are other two recognised regional languages, Scots and Scottish Gaelic. The official currency is the Sterling pound.
William Wallace
He was born on 3rd April in 1270 and died on 23rd August in 1305. He was a Scottish soldier who led his country against the English occupation of King Edward I of England in the First War of Scottish Independence.
He was judged and condemned to death for perfidy to the King. They did terrible things to his body and in the last seconds of his life he cried out, “WE WILL BE FREE!”.

Its flag and shield
William Wallace and his young wife, Murron
William Wallace and Princess Isabella
About the film
There is a film of Braveheart with Mel Gibson as William Wallace and Sophie Marceau as Princess Isabella. When Mel Gibson was making the film in Scotland and Ireland, he said, "This story could happen anywhere". The film was one of the most popular films of 1995, even it won an Oscar.
Andrea Gutiérrez
About the purple flower of Scotland
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