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The Art of Persuasion

No description

C.l. Sloan

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of The Art of Persuasion

Alfred's Persuasive Tactics
Alfred's audience: Bruce Wayne (and the viewing audience)
Alfred's goal: change Bruce's mind
A well-known friend
Reasoning from anecdote ("some men just want to watch the world burn")
Emotional reaction (shock at the story's conclusion, fear)

The art of persuasion
Why an art?
What are the ethical implications of persuasion?
"Watch the World Burn"
Alfred's speech in
Christopher Nolan's
The Dark Knight
Supervillainy at its finest
RHE 309K: Multiple Goals
Examine how characters in superhero stories make arguments, use rhetoric, attempt to convince other characters
RHETORICAL STYLE (what's in the story)

Analyze how superhero mythologies attempt to persuade an audience (us) of certain "truths" about the world
IDEOLOGY CRITIQUE (what "truths" enable the story)
Year in school
Favorite superhero
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