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Reading - for what?

A Workshop on 'Why and How of Reading' for IITGN student community - August 21, 2014

Kalpesh Joshi

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of Reading - for what?

MRI of Reading!
Let us see the other side...
Casual reading
To slow down the ever chattering mind
Purpose & Clarity
How do we read?
Is it an alternative?
Lisa Bu shares her experience...
Why not?
for what?
Is it natural to us - humans?
Is it absolutely essential?
Any alternatives?
What is essential?
We exist as a living organism by following our instincts
Food, Sleep, Fear & Reproduction
And we are not born Humans!
Certainty, Uncertainty, Love, Significance,
Fulfillment and Giving
Reading is boring...
Reading is an act with limited use of our senses and organs...

As opposed to other activities, such as listening to music, driving, browsing cell phones or boasting about anything, reading is an act with least body movements and is relatively a dull act for brain as well.
Research in Neuroscience also approves this notion.
Reading - Exposure to Emissions
Sleeping is an act. Is it?
Dimensionality & Perspectives
Radio active emissions & its effects
Mild dose (about 1 Gray) is not perceptible by our senses

No visible signs and symptoms with such a mild dose

Nuclear radiations penetrate our body and acts directly at cellular or sub-cellular level

Symptoms of Cancer or other abnormalities may appear anytime between 2 to 20 years
How it works?
Dreaming is an act. Is it?
Thinking is also an act. Isn't it?
Reading can prepare the stage for your act.
Reading is an enabler for the act of thinking.
(1) http://www.nuclearsafety.gc.ca/eng/resources/radiation/introduction-to-radiation/radiation-doses.cfm
(2) http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/radiation-sickness/basics/symptoms/con-20022901
Consider reading as an act of getting exposed to "
Thought Emissions

It can directly work on our thinking patterns

Reading can create(demolish) new(old) thought structures, beliefs, ideas, emotions, sensibilities, images

Symptoms are not apparent for years

Effects are mostly permanent and irreversible, visible in a unique stance of looking at the world outside and within
Kalpesh Joshi

Lisa admits, "Because of books, I'm here"
What is common
exposure to nuclear radiation
an act of reading?
Cycle of Evolution
Data & Information
Reading - to get rid of reading!
Academic need or social obligation
Reading for pleasure
Pampering emotions, pseudo-intelligence
Critical reading
Cautious reading not to get drawn
Inspired reading
Most pure or the worst kind of reading
for the sake of reading... No ulterior motive
Last Word
Be ware... Reading is like sowing seeds
I read. But, I read too little, too slow.
Good to remember:

Our capacity to pay attention is our capital; Better not to waste it.

Reading aloud can help improve fluency.

Listening could be a more challenging alternative to reading.
Source: http://www.ted.com/talks/lisa_bu_how_books_can_open_your_mind
Source: http://www.ted.com/talks/lisa_bu_how_books_can_open_your_mind
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