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NEU imterface project

No description

Hui Liu

on 21 November 2016

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Transcript of NEU imterface project

Time based experiment

Time Based Experiment
Goal: Measuring registration time for both designs
Null Hypothesis:
There is no difference between current and new design according to registration time.
Alternate Hypothesis:
There is significant difference between current and new design according to registration time.
Methodology & Data Collection
Two type of subjects; Northeastern University students and other students
Only one factor; TIME
Time from beginning to the end of registration for a course
Linear Algebra for Summer 2013-1,Mathematics
Experiment Data
20 Subjects
Subjective Rating
Based on interface design principles;
Experiment Steps
Letting subjects sit in front of computer connected to internet with a mouse
Giving instructions to subject(Register for linear algebra both interfaces)
Logging into MyNeu Account(not for new designs)
Recording time until register ends
Hui Liu
Miao Wen
Mehmet Talha Dulman

Improvement to the class registration website interface of Northeastern University
Data Analysis & Result
Anova Analysis, 95%
Anova for Northeastern University students;
p=0.094>0.05, Null hypothesis cannot be rejected
Anova for other subjects;University Students Improvement
Current New 29.86%
46.79 32.82
Anova for other subjects;
p<0.05, Null hypothesis rejected
Results; University subjects are experienced with current design
Mean Value Comparison
Reasons for Outliers
Being familiar with classes
Internet speed
Skill of subjects to figure out designs
Questionnaire Analysis
Overall Questionnaire
Discussions & Conclusions
Work Extension Idea
Problems identification & improvement
Repetitive & Confusing Links
One Link, One Search Bar
Friendly & instant multiple course registration
Only selected Information , Same page, Comparable
Endless Long List
Frames & style
Search engine
New design is not dynamic
Experiment has only 20 subjects
No lab to keep conditions same; internet speed, computer speed so on
Different ability to figure out systems quickly
Applied to MyNeu
Both systems available for use
Include and update all class schedule and capacity
Observe 2-3 semesters
More reliable data and results
User involvement earlier stages
1. Motivation
2. Project Plan
3. Introduction
Interface Principles
Problem Identification
New Demo
4. Methods
5. Data Analysis and Results
6. Conclusion and discussion
When we use the course registration website of Northeastern University, we find there are something
repetitive and frustrating
. So in order to improve current website, we design a new interface which is more
concise, direct, and adaptive
Project Plan
Literature review about interface
Identify problems of current website
Create a new interface
Evaluate new interface by experiment and questionnaire
Analyze data and obtain results
Conclusion and discussion
: “those aspects of the system that the user comes in contact with.” (User Interface Design Pedagogy A Constructionist Approach)
The goal of interface design
interaction--- simple and efficient
user objective---satisfied (user-centered)
Introduction (Con't)
Introduction (Con't)
User interface design principles
Mental Workload
Obvious Start,exit or stop
User involvement at earlier stages
Error Prevention
Aesthetics and Minimalism
Flexibility and Efficiency
Help and Documentation
Base for other principles.

Minimal mental workload--- increase work efficiency

Important for long-time work
Keeping the user informed about what is happening at any time. (Search User Interface Design)
Presentation and prompts should share
common features
as much as possible and should refer to a
common task
including using the same terminology across modalities. (Guideliness for Multimodal Design User Interface Design)
Project Definition
Beta version of new design
Introduction & Project Plan
Mean values for two groups and designs
Average scores from questionnaire results
Improvement Percentage=
|New Design Score-Current Score|/Current Score*100
Tag-enabled instant search
Long Message and Multiple tap
Search bar

Project Organization
1)Khoo, B. K. S. User Interface Design Pedagogy A Constructionist Approach, International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education, 7(1), 1-10, January-March 2011

2)Wilson, M. L. Search User Interface Design, Edited (2012)

3) Guideliness for Multimodal Design User Interface Design, Communications of The Acm January, 2004
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