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crack and peel face

No description

Yamillete Flores

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of crack and peel face

after the multiply...
you click control L and a box will some up like this
with the soft brush you need to take off the cracks from the eyes and the lips, so it looks more real.
crack and peel face
after that
on the left side of the opacity it says normal with an arrow next to it, click on the arrow and change it to multiply.
new layer
you click on the layer with the crack and then you add new layer
remover background
you click the brush tool and you make sure your color is black,
You first pick out the person and the crack you want to use
and you open them up on Photoshop
After you open it you move the crack on top of the person
after that you want to change the opacity to about 50
Then you will change the shadow to 30, change the mid tone to 89, and the high lights to 195, if it doesn't turn out how you want it you could just play with it a little until it looks like what you want.
you add a new layer by clicking on the bottom square with a circle in it.
so you don't waste your time just go to the layer mask of the crack and right click it and select
create clicking mask
tip: you could do it on the eyebrows to make it look even more realistic.
Now that we have the cracks, its time for some detail. So were going to use the burner tool which is on the
left hand side.

burner tool
You put the burner tool on high light which is on top. Once you put it on highlight you go over some cracks to give it a darker detail.
Then you get a picture of rust and open it onto a new layer.
for example:
it could be any picture you want of rust.
then you add a new layer on that picture (
same thing you did on the crack
then you use change the opacity to about 79
and you also change
from normal to highlight
same step
once you finish that you save it and post it on your blog
to save you...
go up to file and click save as
then change it to PNG
and press OK
then go to your blog and click on the orange and black pencil.
then you add the image and post it.
here is mine!
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