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Blizzards & Ice Storms

Geography Project

Mani Rai

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Blizzards & Ice Storms

Blizzards & Ice Storms
Storm the Awesome Power of Weather
by :Mike Graf
Pages :22,25

Severe Storm and Blizzard Alert
by: Lynne Peppes
Pages :25

Rain, Hail and Snow
by :Trudi Strain Trueit
Pages :49-54

by: Cari Meister
Pages :4-7

The Water Cycle
by:Robbie Kalman


is the destruction of skin tissue caused by exposure to temperatures of extreme cold.
: are heavy snowstorms or blowing snow, with winds above 35 miles (55km) per hr, which lasts more than 3 hrs.
Car buried in blizzard
Snow Safety
If you're in your car while it's buried in snow during a blizzard these are the things you should do:

1. Stay in the car
2. Eat & drink regularly
3. Run engine (with heater on)
4. Keep window partly open for ventilation
Some health facts you should know during a blizzard are :

If your outside during a blizzard, and you are unprepared you can get

Your body temperature drops below necessary for it to function
Your body's tissues may freeze (could die)
A person can stay completely buried in snow for up to 1 hr
: The lowering of body temperature;it can cause death in some instances
Notice how the snow has almost come up to the roof?
Well that's what happens during a typical
Inside A Blizzard:
A blizzard consists of strong winds, cold temperatures and blowing snow
Blizzards occur at an average temperature of -7° C
Visibility of snow is 152m (lasts up to 3-12 hrs)
The winds blow snow higher than your head
Ice Storms
These are the effects of an
ice storm.
Ice storms
are severe winter storms in which freezing rain coats everything on the ground with a layer of glaze.
How do Blizzards happen?
1. Cold air comes from Arctic
2.Cold reaches a temperate zone
3.The cold air comes down and warm air rises
4.While warm air is rising, when both cold and warm meet boundary is called cold front
5.The rising action cause a heavy snowstorm called a blizzard

The School Children's Blizzard

The winters of 1886 & 1887 were cold and horrifying
Took place January 12, 1888
On the day the blizzard began, it was unusually warm
The blizzard hit the Dakotas & Nebraska
A prairie school teacher (Minnie Freeman) tied her class together with twine & lead them into the school house
On that same day, Grace McCoy burned every wooden material in her classroom in order to provide herself & her students with warmth
Both classes survived
More than 500 people died
By: Paramjot, Jasleen, Manveer,Vishnu & Joshua
·Animals can sense weather changes much better than humans. For example you would see some animals leaving their home to avoid the storm.
· Also you will notice birds flying lower than usual and avoiding leaving their homes.
· If you see a gray skyline and clouds that are low to the ground would most likely mean a blizzard is coming. Especially if snow is already falling.
·Also you can take note on how long it is snowing for and the intensity of the snow. ·Make sure you stack up on food before the blizzard
Before A Blizzard
After A Blizzard

·After the blizzard wind turbines, trees poles and other electrical sources would be knocked down after the storm.
·Even after a blizzard you need to dress warm. You should wear a hat, scarf and mittens.
·Try not to drive until visibility gets back to normal and the ice from the roads melt.
·You might think shoveling snow is back breaking work, you’re right, BUT it can also be deadly. People have actually had a heart attack because of this back breaking work.
·You can avoid this by talking breaks, pacing yourself, drinking water and pushing the snow instead of lifting the snow up
·A ice storm forms when a huge area of warm air hits a huge area of warm air
·The process is when water vapor from the warm air condenses into clouds.
·A snowflake falls from the clouds into the warm air layer and then melts into raindrops.
·Then once the snowflakes turn into raindrops it goes through a third layer called the cold air layer.
·It freezes when it hits the ground and can eventually accumulate up to 8 inches!
What Happens Before An Ice Storm?
What Happen After An Ice Storm?

·Trees fall down
·Power lines fall down
·Cars break down due to severe weather
·Roads are almost impossible to drive on
Thank You For Watching!!!
We really hope you payed attention
Both water and snow start as water molecules in a cloud. When the air is below 0° the water freezes into ice particles. When these ice particles meet they form into shapes which depend on the temperature (-1°C the ice particles are in thin plates, -9°C ice particles into hollow columns etc.)
How Snow/Ice Form:
Rain, Hail and Snow by :Trudi Strain Trueit
©2002Pages :49-54
Rain, Hail and Snow by :Trudi Strain Trueit
©2002 Pages :49-54
Rain, Hail and Snow by :Trudi Strain Trueit
©2002 Pages :49-54
Severe Storm and Blizzard Alert by: Lynne Peppes
©2004 Pages :25

Severe Storm and Blizzard Alert by: Lynne Peppes
©2004 Pages :25
Rain, Hail and Snow by :Trudi Strain Trueit
©2002Pages :49-54
Rain, Hail and Snow by :Trudi Strain Trueit
©2002 Pages :49-54
Storm the Awesome Power of Weather by :Mike Graf
©2010Pages :22,25
Rain, Hail and Snow by :Trudi Strain Trueit
©2002Pages :49-54
The Water Cycle by:Robbie Kalman ©2010
The Water Cycle by:Robbie Kalman ©2010
The Water Cycle by:Robbie Kalman ©2010
Storm the Awesome Power of Weather by :Mike Graf
©2010Pages :22,25
Storm the Awesome Power of Weather by :Mike Graf
©2010 Pages :22,25
Amarillo prepares for blizzard
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