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What you need to know about wearable technology

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Gordy Stillman

on 11 June 2014

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Transcript of What you need to know about wearable technology

Google Glass: What is it?
Google Glass is one of the most prominent examples of the Wearable Technology Trend
What you need to know about wearable technology
Wearable Technology:
Google Glass and Smart Clothes

By Gordy Stillman
What's the issue?
"Explorers", people who got to use Glass before its public release have said they occasionally get stares and people assume the camera is recording.

If Glass is recording, a small light near the camera illuminates

Other Issues
According to Deloite Touche Tohmatsu Limited, smart glasses should sell for between $400 and $600, less than half the price of Google Glass
Professor Owen Youngman of Northwestern University says the use case for Glass is still developing.

Capriotti's Sandwich Shops has found a way to use Google Glass to train managers-in-training by filming the lunch rush from an MIT's perspective.
What else?
It connects to the internet via wifi or tethering to your phone, meaning you will not have to buy a data plan for it.

Before May 2014, Glass was only available through applications and special giveaways.
Any concerns?
Privacy is one of the biggest issues facing Google Glass.

Conferences like the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco ban Glass at certain events.
Businesses using Glass, like Capriotti's Sandwich Shops are also sensitive to privacy concerns
It's a head-mounted computer and screen, attached to glasses frames. Using Glass, you can record videos, take photos, get directions and more.

Cost: $1,500
Above: A Google Glass Explorer edition.
Google recently removed a "Guest Mode" from Glass, which allowed a user to let someone try it without risking an errant gesture deleting anything.
Wearable Clothing
Heapsylon LLC's "Sensoria" line of fitness products all include technology that tracks things like heart rate in real time.
Heapsylon's T-shirt and sports bra (left) send heart rate data to your smartphone, while the socks (above) will track steps, cadence, weight distribution and more when it launches this summer.
Privacy with Smart Clothes
Heapsylon allows a user to keep their fitness data indefinitely, and takes steps to keep the data private.

CEO Davide Vigano says that protecting the privacy of users' data is a priority for Heapsylon.
How big could wearables be?
According to IHS, the wearable technology industry is expected to reach over $30 billion by 2018
Image source: http://olentz.net/search/glass via Flickr
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