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No description

Sonia Dubuisson

on 2 January 2017

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Transcript of 2015

What are the most popular resolutions for adults?
Mrs Dubuisson's 1st resolution
, I’ve decided to

Mrs Dubuisson's 2nd resolution
, I intend to
cut down on

Mrs Dubuisson's 3rd resolution
, I intend to
keep doing

Mrs Dubuisson's 4th resolution
, I will
try harder

Mrs Dubuisson's 5th resolution
, I’m planning to

What are your resolutions?
First, I’ve decided to

Second, I intend to

Third, I intend to

Fourth, I will
make more effort
Finally, I’m planning to

Are you a Gary?
Watch this video

2017 AHEAD
...time for good resolutions!
First, I’ve decided to quit...
because I eat too much– I am “
”! I really think it’s going to be difficult since I tried last year without success…but I will do my best! ;-)

Second, I ‘m thinking of cutting down on
watching TV
since, to me, it is a massive loss of time - and very often, the TV shows are absolutely boring. Furthermore, I don’t want to be a couch potato! :-p

Third, I intend to keep doing
as, to start with, it is relaxing, moreover it is good for health.
Finally, I guess if I exercise, I might be less hyperactive with my pupils!
(I said “might” …)

Fourth, I will try harder in
…I am a poor cook yet I believe I can improve my skills.
I will have to be more patient as well as respect the recipes to succeed!

Finally, I’m planning to start playing the piano
...in my opinion
that’s a challenge because I don’t know how to play any instrument, what's more, I am clumsy! In addition to that, I’m not very patient... and I don't have a piano!

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