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No description

Lea Lester

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of FUTURE YOU

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

Your counselor will meet with you and your parent to select an endorsement and prepare a personal graduation plan.

Meetings are scheduled between October 27th-November 14th during the school day.
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
A New Graduation Plan
The Class of 2018 will be the first to experience a new path to graduation designed to personalize learning. Under House Bill 5, known as Future You in Mansfield ISD, you will identify career fields of interest, and will take courses that will prepare you for success in college and the job market.

As a freshmen, you will decide what course to pursue for the next four years. Your counselors want to help you make an informed decision and assist you in planning in preparation for your post secondary goals.
MISD Course Guide
Ben Barber
Career Cruising
Login – MANS-ID#
Password – ID#
TEA Graduation Toolkit

Maybe I want to be
A Biologist
A Computer Programmer
A Research Analyst
A Computer Programmer
An Engineer

LOTE – 2 credits
Must be from the same language
Fine Arts – 1 credit
PE – 1 credit
Required Electives – 1 credit
.5 Health
.5 Professional Communications
Other Electives – 4 credits
Endorsement – 4 credits
Students are expected to earn an endorsement in one of 5 areas
To include an advanced math and an advanced science

English – 4 credits
English I, II, and III, with an additional advanced English
Mathematics – 3 credits
Algebra 1, Geometry, and an advanced math
Science – 3 credits
Biology, IPC/Chemistry/Physics, and an advanced science course
Social Studies – 3 credits
World History/World Geography, US History, .5 Government, .5 Economics

AP test score of 3 or above;
•Qualifying PSAT score based on the 11th grade test;
•SAT combined critical reading and math score of 1250 or above;
•ACT composite score of 28 or above;
•College course with a final grade of A or B (3.0 or above);
•Bilingualism and biliteracy; and
•Earning a nationally or internationally recognized business or industry certification or license


4th Science
Algebra II
Top 10% Automatic Admission
All LRHS Students
To be an engineer
I could work toward a STEM endorsement and focus on Math.
Some Course I could take are:
Algebra 1
Geometry or PAP Geometry
Algebra II or PAP Algebra II
Pre-Calculus or PAP Pre- Calculus
AP Calculus AB or BC

Maybe I want to be:
An Architect
A Veterinarian
A Costume Designer
An Accountant
A Chef
A Computer Programmer

To be an architect
I could work towards an endorsement in Business and Industry.
Some courses I might take are
Construction Technology
Advanced Construction Technology
Practicum in Construction Management

Maybe I want to be:
A Doctor
A Police Officer
A Hair Stylist
A Teacher
In the Military

To be a teacher:
I could work toward a Public Service Endorsement
Some Course I might take are:
Child Development
Principles of Education and Training
Human Growth and Development
Instructional Practices in Education Training
Practicum in Education 1

Maybe I want to be a:
A Writer
An Actor/Actress
A Film Critic
An Interpreter
A Fashion Designer

To be an actor/actress:
I could work towards an endorsement in Arts and Humanities
Some Courses I could take are:
Theater 1
Theater 2
Theater 3
Theater 4
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