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CDLC Overview

created for SOE building dedication 9/19/11

Claire Lambert

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of CDLC Overview

Coalition for Diverse Language Communities
The Coalition for Diverse Language Communities (CDLC) is
and interpreting
multidisciplinary and
community-engaged research
What is a diverse language community?
If You...
Live in the Piedmont-Triad area
Learn from and with people who speak multiple languages
Work and play with people from around the world
Feel the emotion, even when you don't understand the words or signs
Working to enhance
educational opportunities and
sociocultural wellbeing for
and families
from diverse language communities
What are the goals
of the Coalition for Diverse Language Communities?
Teach people whose primary language differs from your own
To connect
and serve
members of
diverse language communities
Serving learners from birth through adulthood
Why is the CDLC's work important right now?
Did you know?
People born outside the U.S. account for...
8.5% of the population in Guilford County
6.8% of the population in North Carolina
12.4% of the population in the United States
And growing
-U.S. Census Bureau
The percentage of people over age 5 who primarily speak a language other than English at home is
10.9% in Guilford County
9.6% in North Carolina
19.6% in the United States
-U.S. Census Bureau
Between 500,000 and 2 million people in the U.S. speak American Sign Language, making it the sixth most-used language in the U.S.
-Lane, Hoffmeister and Bahan,
A Jouney into the Deaf World
16% of children in North Carolina were born outside the U.S. or live with parents who were born outside the U.S.
-U.S. Census Bureau
Guilford County Schools serves students who speak 150 languages/dialects and who represent 142 cultural and ethnic groups.
Guilford County’s Newcomers School serves nearly 300 immigrant children in grades 3-12 who need substantial support in transitioning to American school. 75% of those students are refugees.
Increase access to higher education for all North Carolinians
The CDLC is proud to support the UNC System's call to
be more actively involved in solving North Carolina’s public education challenges
be more actively engaged in enhancing the economic transformation and community development of North Carolina’s regions and our state as a whole
-A Bridge From UNCG Today To UNCG Tomorrow, 2008
Community Voices
Community-engaged research about school and learning
What are the CDLC's current projects?
Teacher Professional Development in ESL instruction
Helping Triad area teachers learn to better serve their students
Community-Engaged Research Course
A doctoral-level research course currently in development
CDLC website
A source for policy, research and news about diverse language communities
Then you are part of a diverse language community
Speaker's Series
Discussions about teaching and learning in diverse language communities
Please sign our Virtual Guest Book today to receive updates, event invitations and to get involved.
Thanks to our partners
Center for New North Carolinians
Liberians of the Triad
North Carolina African Services Coalition
Thriving at Three
Greensboro Chinese Association
The School of Education
The Office of the Provost
The Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development
International Programs Center
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