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Gibson Engineering Overview

A short presentation about our who we are. Please let us know who you are and what you think.

Rob MacDonald

on 6 August 2018

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Transcript of Gibson Engineering Overview

founded in 1945
47 total associates
24 total engineers
10 territory sales
3 product specialists
9 application engineers -
controls, mechanical &
4 manufacturing technicians
5 customer Service representatives
factory automation is our only business.
our mission is to be a profitable enterprise by increasing the productivity, competitiveness and profitability of manufacturers who recognize the return on investment we provide.
"We've found that when everyone else is turning right we seriously consider turning left."
provide the highest level of application intelligence at the point of sale.
guarantee that in every interaction we will use our honest curiosity to understand our customers needs and apply all of our problem solving skills to satisfy those needs.
provide knowledge and skills based training through our superior industrial technology curriculum and technical support team.
provide leading edge disruptive technologies as they become available.
provide our customer contact team with the understanding of the value that return on investment thinking brings to our customers.
Logistics, fulfillment and supply chain management
Our engineers sit shoulder to shoulder with customer engineers to develop a solution.
Customer outsources all or part of the project.
> $500,000,000 annual spend on R&D
Gibson provided 67 days of customer training last year - at our headquarters in Norwood, MA at remote locations throughout the north east.
Lab based hands on curriculum:
Machine Vision & ID Systems
PLC Fundamentals - manufacturer neutral
PLC & Motion Programming
Robot Programming
HMI Programming
Intelligent Actuator
Multi-Axis Motion Programming
We are committed to helping our customers accomplish their automation goals through education.
Our fabrication group is capable of producing electrical and mechanical design/drawings, controls programming, panel builds and mechanical assembly services.
We are also well positioned technically and logistically to support your sub-assembly and module outsource strategies.
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