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Eppley Institute

on 5 October 2011

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Transcript of FMLP_Principles_Harvey

Integrated park
planning Work management best practices Accumulation of baseline
data for common asset types FMSS Implementation A Brief History of
NPS Asset Management Pre-1998 1999 - 2003 2003 - 2006 2006 - 2008 Exploring operations and
maintenance of water/
waste water utilities. Surveys and statistical analysis to collect data and parameters to measure performance Develop an integrated facilities management model Strategic facility management Public/private partnerships Defensible, consistent methods for prioritizing funding Energy management and sustainability Next generation of facility management professionals Alignment of facility investments with the overall mission and “business” objectives Focus on projects Limited understanding of asset life-cycles Need for data-based decision making tools Federal asset management focused
on developing and defending budgets Need for business practices Development of Life Cycle
Business Practices Introduction of PAMPs Digital documentation
and record-keeping was
led by the aircraft
maintenance industry Beginning to benchmark against comparable organization Emergence of computerized tools to pool
and analyze information NPS market research included 1800 + systems Developed modules to give asset managers options for looking at data to make management decisions Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Today Assets not managed financially sustainable
$9 billion deferred maintenance
$20 billion by 2020
Bad pattern: Build-->Deteriorate-->Replace Financial Sustainability NPS’s main focus over the next year
Long-term, holistic thinking about means and needs
Assets must be considered relative to a park’s resources – decisions cannot be made in isolation Financial Sustainability Now Financial Sustainability The Future Change the pattern:
Build--> Invest--> Sustain

Invest in mission critical assets with limited project dollars
Invest with the knowledge that we can properly maintain those assets Build Deteriorate Replace Using Data Now that parks have some data in the system, more informed decisions can be made.

-natural resources
-historic assets
-interpretive media Line Item Construction - Projects need summary datasheet of O&M requirements now and in the future Questions? Managing Parks
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