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Using Social Media to achieve county-wide WasteAwareness

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Gemma Paris

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Using Social Media to achieve county-wide WasteAwareness

Make it visual
Mention other sites
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Posting links to websites or other SM streams is a useful tool for spreading the message and encouraging people to like or follow us in different ways.

Our current 'News 4 You' tool allows residents to sign up for emails about the council services they are interested in.
On Facebook these are often posts featuring residents. Their 'friends' will comment and share which helps to increase the audience reach.
Examples of SM used to help web seed
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Share details of what you've been doing or events to come.
Web seeding is an innovative way to get brand videos viewed by users on video sites, blogs and social networks*.
Don't forget to #
On Twitter a # is always useful for anyone searching for what's going on in their local area
Be less formal
Social media is a fun and interesting way to engage people on topics that would otherwise be considered a bit boring - like waste!

Its' much more informal and conversation-like

It's not particularly time consuming and the cherry on the cake is that it's free (minus officer time of course)
Last year WasteAware used a professional web-seeding company to promote a new video about reducing food waste.

>62k views since July 2014

Real Nappies Rock!
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Hertsmere Borough Council
*(Josh Warner. 15.05.2008. The truth about web video seeding. Retrieved from http://www.imediaconnection.com/content/19358.asp)
Using Social Media to achieve county-wide Waste Awareness
WasteAware has created what we hope is an eye-catching, not your typical council video about real nappies. We're planning to see how many views we can get ourselves before using a professional web seeding company.

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Competitions help things along
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During Real Nappy Week in April we ran a competition via Twitter, Facebook and the WasteAware website to win nappy goods.

People had to watch the video and tell us what colour nappy the boy doing the roly poly was wearing - can you?

Top tips
Engage don't dictate

Make it interesting, use photos

Schedule if you're short on time
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