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Implementing SEM: It's All About the Baby Steps

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Nicole Levitan

on 21 July 2016

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Transcript of Implementing SEM: It's All About the Baby Steps

Implementing SEM: It's All About the Baby Steps
Our Core Beliefs at LME
Have to work from a strength model - focus on child's individual strengths.

Strengths used in the classroom everyday - this is how we teach.

Teachers and staff get to know students' areas of interests.

Need to discover child's preferred learning style.

This is all crucial in encouraging critical independent thinking.

What SEM Looks Like at LME
IIM (Research)
Service Learning Projects
Outdoor Learning
Total Talent Portfolios
PETS Lessons
Teacher Collaboration
Enrichment Team
Professional Development
Interest Surveys
Enrichment Slot (E-slot)
Enrichment Clusters
Let's Be Honest
It is a lot of work.
It does take time.
You do have to think differently.
You do have to approach your classroom differently.
You have to give up some control.
: mod-l], noun
1. a standard or example for imitation or comparison.
SEM is a model.

You do not need to do it all at once.

Try something new that you have learned at Confratute and allow your students to explore their interests and talents.
A Little Background on LME
Public school located in Austin,Texas
Round Rock Independent School District
Around 800 students in grades K-5
Around 80 staff members
Exemplary Rating on Texas State Assessments
Diverse student population
28 languages spoken
High performing students
Highly educated and involved parents
Presented by Nicole Levitan,
Enrichment Coordinator
Laurel Mountain Elementary
Core Beliefs
are what set Laurel Mountain
Getting to know you...
Interest Surveys

When you know what interests your students, you have the key to what motivates their hearts and minds.

Results help guide activities and projects in the classroom, E-slot activities, enrichment clusters, etc.
Allows for a variety of needs to be met in the classroom.
Can be done in one classroom or across a grade level.
Need pre and post assessment (of some type).
Need flexibility and teacher collaboration and communication.
Differentiation is more than just changing the content.
Dr. Marcia Gentry


Enrichment Slot (E-slot)
Special topics or projects, based on student interests, occur every Friday for all students.
What it IS vs. What it is NOT

Everyone vs. Some
Every week vs. Sometimes
Student interests vs. Preplanned for year
Student interests vs. Ran out of time activity
Different in each class/grade level vs. Everyone doing the same thing

Based on student interests
Drawing, if that is what kids like
Expanding interest
Creativity training
Problem solving
Being with kids with the same interests
Explore what you are truly interested in
Type 1 activities AND time to explore further
Could be a one time thing or could be semester long
Community building
Service learning
Cross curricular
Small group
Flexible grouping

What it is for US
Enrichment Clusters
groups which focus on specific interests offered in all grade levels for 6-8 weeks.
We use data collected from interest surveys to develop a variety of topics for enrichment clusters.
Teachers take broad topics, create a focus and write a description.
Students rank top choices & are guaranteed placement in one of those.
Enrichment clusters take place during the E-slot time during each grade level's turn. This allows us to use all of our staff, and we welcome parent support.
6 or 8 weeks.
Student interests guide the clusters, and it is their responsibility to create a product or service.
We offer enrichment cluster tours for parents. Communication is the key.
Enrichment Cluster Showcases at the end gives the students an opportunity to share their products and services with parents and community.
are you here?
did you become a teacher?
Exploring my interests at LME throughout the years made a difference to me because now I have more interests I want to try over the summer. It has helped me to realize I love to cook and bake. I have also realized I love to do robotics! It has made a difference to me by letting me learn more about myself and also giving more knowledge to remember over and over the years.
Exploring my interests made a difference to me because i could sort of get a glance at what I might do in the future.
Yes, I discovered that I am great at many things and that made me feel happier
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