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The Paper-Less Teacher

No description

Katie Dixon

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of The Paper-Less Teacher

Materials Organization
for Distribution

What and Why

Work Collection
and Grading

Goals for today and things to remember:

Things to Remember:
Additional Apps and tools
These two programs are essentially like easily accessed and organized digital binders.
Accessible on any device
Technology is a great and valuable tool for student projects, but today is not about making cooler projects. How can technology help YOU, the teacher?
It is about going paper-less, not going paper-free.
You don't have to make the switch all at once. Try reducing the paper load one sheet at a time.
Be flexible. Understand that everything may not work perfectly the first time, and be okay with that likelihood.
There are hundreds of versions of just about everything I am showing you today. I have focused on those that are both available on any device with web-access and that I have tried myself.

Into this?
So, are you ready to turn this:
Nothing groundbreaking, but aren't we all working on ways to make this easier?
The Paper-Less Teacher
Lessons from my personal experiences going paperless

Want the Prezi? http://bit.ly/paperlessteacher
LMS = Learning Management System
Examples: Haiku, Blackboard, Moodle, Edmodo, Google Classroom
Let's take a look.

Online Quizzes, Polls, Etc
A great replacement for student journals, writer's notebooks, etc.
All student work can be accessed through an RSS feed reader. (FYI: There is one built into Outlook).
EX: http://blogs.wesleyanschool.org/jamier
Make-up Work

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?,
Speed Match, Board Game Reviews)
(Seating Chart Maker,
Group Maker, Random Name Selector,
Timer, Countdown, QR Code Generator)

Fill up the cloud instead of your inbox.
Accessible from any device.
DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive
Use sharing features and add-ons like http://dropitto.me, http://www.sortmybox.com, and http://www.sendtodropbox.com
The Cloud
Snippers and Web-Clippers
Cloud services (which are coming up, soon.)
Many LMS services offer in-house assessment and poll creation and grading.
Google forms are a great way to give assessments and collect opinions or ideas.
Sites like http://www.flubaroo.com will grade your google quizzes for you and provide question statistics.
See example on Haiku and Results ( )
Socrative is another great way to assess students and collect opinions or ideas.
http://b.socrative.com (Rm. # 107155)
Online calendars.
I keep my daily agendas for students in a OneNote I project at the begining of each class.
I paste the text of this agenda into a calendar entry each day.
I use my LMS, but Google calendar will work just as well.
Many online calendars will even let you attach documents to your events
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