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The UTA Program

No description

Hannah Sweetser

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of The UTA Program

The UTA Program
What is in a Session?
A Session is similar to a professor's office hours. Students come and go at their own discretion, but will be given bonus points by the professor as incentive.

A UTA will host one or more sessions per week to the total of 3 hours a week. A classroom in the Cathedral of Learning will be reserved for times that best suit the UTA's schedule.
The Website
The UTA Journal is the best way to communicate issues and successes with sessions. Each UTA is required to post one comment or blog a week.

In Their Own Words
A Film by Dr. Jeremy Levy
What is a UTA?
An Undergraduate Teaching Assistant fulfills a position within the Department of Physics and Astronomy that provides in-depth coverage of a single class to students. In doing so, a UTA will...
Attend the class's lectures
Develop strategies to assist students with understanding physics concepts and homework
Host weekly Sessions
Maintain an online dialog with other UTA's
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