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Computer Presantation !!

All about the parts of the computer that you may not understand

aleesha wilson

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Computer Presantation !!

the insides of a computer
this is a motherboard
the motherboard The motherboard
is the ‘mother of all components’
everything can connect to it.theyre £183.20
The ram The ram has the memory and remembers websites and (Random access memory.) it has a short memory access time so after a couple of days it wipes and is blank.FIND THEM AT Amazon.co.uk for £12 or $13
this This is the Central processing unit
this processes all the data that we use.
(it’s basically the brain)and does all the
logic and thinking this is a : Intel CPU Core i7 4770K 3.5GHz Haswell LGA1150 Unlocked Retail boxed the price is £271
Hi iM aleesha

This is a presantation on

Parts of the computer
the end
hard disk
A hard disk drive (HDD) is a data storage device used for storing and retrieving digital information using rapidly rotating disks (platters) coated with magnetic material.
graphixs card
the graphicks card
controlls how pixalated
you moniter screen
shows you'd really want H.D. you can buy them for around £15
power supply
the power supply controls how much power goes in to the computer or it may fry the motherboard
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