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Women in Computing

No description

Angelique De Castro

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Women in Computing

Women in Computing
Fall GBM #1
Climbing to the top of the school year!

What is WIC?
We're coders and engineers across the gender spectrum who support the female and other gender minority presence in computing.

We run events (tech talks, socials, outreach, technical workshops, professional development) and provide opportunities for female engineers to connect and succeed.

WIC Overview
Started as a grad org 9 years ago
Undergrad-WIC 5 years in the making!
Assist UCSD in recruiting and retaining women and other gender minorities in Computer Science and Engineering
Facilitate Professional Development and promote career opportunities in computing and interaction with industry for all CSE majors

Meet the officers
Join us!
Brianna Lam

Jessica Yang
Outreach Committee
Beginner's Programming Competition Committee
Technical Skills - Projects Committee
Applications will be released
shortly. Check your emails!
Grace Hopper Conference
+Largest Women In Tech Conference (8000 attendees)

+40 UCSD attendees

+Oct 14-16 2015 Houston, TX

+Career Fair
+Tech Talks
+Leadership and Technical Workshops

Upcoming Events
Fall Quarter Job and Internship Fair (Oct. 7 - 8)
Adobe Luncheon and Resume Critique
October 1st, 12:00 - 1:30 p.m.
Location: CSE 1202
WIC Mixer - The Search for Study Buddy
Wednesday October 7th @ 4 p.m.
Jacobs Building 4309
Future Events
Interview Prep Night
Beginner’s Programming Competition (November 21)

What else do we do?
Technical Skills Development
Tech Talks
Technical Project Workshops
Hackathons and Programming Competitions
Professional Development
Interview Prep Nights
Alumni as Mock Interviewers
Networking with the Industry
Industry sponsored lunches and info sessions
Networking with peer CSE students
Socials and Game Days
WIC Mentorship Program

Buildium Women in Technology Scholarship
due Oct 31, 2015 (fall) & April 15, 2016 (spring)
Google Anita Borg Scholarship
due Dec 1, 2015
Palantir Scholarship for Women in Engineering
due Aug 31, 2015
UCSD's Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship (LGBT+)
due Oct. 28, 2015

Opportunities for Students
Research with your Professors
check REAL on MyTritonLink
Jobs @ Port Triton
Become a Tutor!
Volunteer for Outreach Programs
CSE 198: SAGE2

Other CSE orgs
Eve Security
Computer Science and Engineering Society
Video Game Development Club
Stay Connected!
Email: wic.ucsd@gmail.com
Website: wic.ucsd.edu
Facebook Group: WIC@UCSD
Thank you for coming!
WIC Mixer - Find a Study Buddy
Wed Oct 7th 4pm
Jacobs Building 4309
Angelique De Castro
Kimberly Ly
Technical Skills - Projects
Tiffany Truong
Revan Jafar
Jessica Lin
This could be you!
Lucy Chian
Vice President
Keyue Bao
Public Representative
Annie Phan
Technical Skills - Events
Xiaohui Tong
Professional Development
Lea Lacson
Professional Development
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