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Kent's energy collaboration

No description

Samantha Simmons

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Kent's energy collaboration

Kent's energy collaboration
Reviewing Strategy and delivering joint actions, using an MLG approach

Delivering Kent Environment Strategy – Why Multi-Level Governance
By using a MLG approach we aim to:
Work better, together
–deciding what should be delivered in partnership
Cut inefficiencies
Maximise our resources & benefit
fromeconomies of scale;
Deliver better outcomes for Kent
residents & businesses;
Meet our environment & energy targets
nationally & internationally;

Through the COOPENERGY project we have sought to determine:
How well

are we delivering
the strategy in partnership
How can we better deliver
the strategy in partnership
into the future?

Delivering community-led renewable energy projects
MLG model used:
Sheppey Community Energy Trust
Aim of model:
to investigate how RE technologies could be installed across the Isle of Sheppey; & to negotiate community benefits with large developers.
Delivering a Kent-wide housing retrofit programme
Lessons learnt for good collaboration
Identify priorities
agree action
plan early
Clear and
consistent messages
agreed by all
Work with existing communication channels & ‘trusted professionals’
Allow sufficient time
for consultation on legal & procurement processes
Be aware of politics
It is useful to have a
local /regional authority officer who can assist
Identify multiple sources of funding
to ensure the sustainability of projects
Face-to-face communication
is the best method of collaborating on projects - maintain that communication with your partners
Building up a long-term relationship
between local /regional authorities and community members (over a number of years) leads to fruitful partnerships and long-term, sustainable RE projects

COOPENERGY Final Conference - 3 December 2015
Carolyn McKenzie

Head of Sustainable Business and Communities
MLG model used:
development of the Kent & Medway Sustainable Energy Partnership (KMSEP) (project board)
Aim of model:
to support residents in Kent and Medway to save energy in their home
Through Coopenergy we have collaborated to:
Set-up partnership ( incl. 13 local authorities)
Establish evidence based
Develop the Warm Homes initiative
Develop a Kent-wide brand for retrofitting (Warm Homes) through workshops & task groups.
Oversee delivery of Warm Homes through bi-annual meetings & establishment of a KMSEP Project Board.
Commissioning of a Warm Homes call centre (jointly- funded).
Procurement of the KMSEP Retrofitting Framework

A property receiving external wall insulation, in Kent

Through Coopenergy we have collaborated to:
Run a series of workshops
- to gather information from the local community on what types of renewables they would like to see developed
a detailed study
to explore the potential for these chosen technologies (wind, solar and biomass) and shared results at a final workshop
Brought together KCC, Swale BC and interested members of the community to
form a Trust.

Workshops to identify potential renewable energy options with the Isle of Sheppey community
The MLG approach has enabled us to:
Build a strong local partnership, benefitting from economies of scale
£1.7m of funding drawn into Kent
through joint-bids
Share costs (call centre funded by partners)
Deliver on our targets
£5.5 mil lifetime savings for residents
25,000 tons of CO2 saved
Install 1450 insulation & heating measures
in over 1400 homes
Resident and SME
support events
held and resources developed

Successes of the MLG Model
Successes of the
MLG Model
The MLG approach has enabled us to:
Establish a Trust
to realise community RE opportunities across the Isle
2 community
buildings surveyed for solar PV
. One building has received free installation of solar PV (worth £6,000)
Community energy f
unding guide developed
Ongoing discussions with the community and local developers to
negotiate RE schemes
that have an
added community benefit
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