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Citing Sources

No description

Rachel Paper

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Citing Sources

Why is it important to cite sources?
Using somebody's work or idea and saying that you created it is called plagiarism.

It is stealing if you do not cite sources. You need to give credit to the person who created it.
What do you cite?
Any Creative Work:
What do you not have to cite?
Known Facts:

Distance between 2 cites
Age of a famous person.

These are not creative works so do not have to be cited.
Avoiding Plagiarism:
Paraphrase= put ideas in own words

Fact from Source:
"The sun warms the surface of Earth, the planet we live on."

Paraphrase: (idea in own words)
The earth is warmed by the sun.

Use phrases and words for notes:
Example: The United States won their independence from Britain in 1776.

US: Independence 1776

Citing Sources
Creating Citations
Citations Include:
Author, Title, Publisher, Date, Page Numbers (website url if online source)
Online Citation:
Many Online Sources Give you the Citation! It makes it easy!
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