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No description

Anna Radzhabova

on 7 June 2017

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Transcript of ChecktoCashup


A patented new approach to protecting and identifying product and document authenticity, based on unique digital codes stored on a server.
In September 2015 the World Customs Organization embraced ChecktoCashup Ltd. within its global network of track & trace and authentication solutions interfaced with IPM
In October 2015 ChecktoCashup Ltd joined the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (IACC) - the longest-standing organization of the kind
ChecktoCashup has worked closely with ICC
Counterfeit Intelligence Bureau since March 2015
was founded in 2012
The dangers of counterfeit goods

Fake iPhone etc.Imitations
Legal damage
Health & safety
Loss in tax revenues for governments
Loss of business, reduction of output resulting in unemployment growth
Money laundering

How does the

system work?

Comparison of secure digital codes
Can not be copied
Microprinting marks and
secure paper
Chemical and
plastic markers
These methods have proved to be unreliable because they are:
Hard to produce
Hard to apply to product and/or packaging
Can be duplicated
Very hard to verify their legitimacy by customers

ChecktoCashup uses a unique reference system through easy-to-apply markings.

These markings can be read by both computers and mobile application and their legitimacy is checked through internet against a third-party online database.

ChecktoCashup system can be integrated with the
manufacturer's, retailer’s and reseller’s IT
systems for location based monitoring, inventory
management or asset tracking

ChecktoCashup codes can be used at point of sale
with using traditional 2D scanners
Easy to produce
Easy to apply to both bottle
and package
Easy to check for counterfeit
using smartphone
Easy to apply
Easy to check for counterfeit
using smartphone
1616 billions Euro is estimated counterfeit global trade.
Customer choice of restrictions
Split codes
The QR code can be easily scanned for counterfeit using any smartphone with a camera, internet and the ChecktoCashup mobile app.
All you need to do is:
Scan the product code with smartphone
The app then checks automatically the product code against an online database
The app will let you know whether the product is authentic or not
ChecktoCashup uses patented leading solutions to secure against counterfeiting, such as: “3D” code on each product

Possibility to split identification code between package and products

ChecktoCashup code can not be copied

Could be increased by using Checktocashup specific ink


CheckOne is a one-time highly reliable verification system of physical product authenticity

CheckNote is the most secure verification system of physical products authenticity with the use of a banknote
CheckOpti is a tracing, anti-counterfeit multi-verification system using an optical encrypted mark.
CheckOpti uses a unique ”3D” Aztec /QR code to identify the product
CheckOpti uses unique optical encrypted markings which can be added to any label, back-label, cork, origin or tax mark, package or product itself
Label can be easily added during the production phase without the need of special equipment or later as a ready-made sticker
CheckTrace based on optical technology of CheckOpti
Code holds all the necessary information about the product such as where, when and how the product was made.
Code also gives the possibility to determine and monitor the location of the product and how it got there
Can be integrated with the retailer’s and reseller’s IT-systems for location-based monitoring
CheckTrace unique identifier allows for the following to be determined, added, traced:

the date and place of manufacturing;
the manufacturing facility;
the machine used to manufacture the products;
the production shift or time of manufacture;
the product description;
the intended market of retail sale;
the intended shipment route;
where applicable, the importer into the EU;
the actual shipment route from manufacturing to the first retail outlet, shipment destination, point of departure;
the identity of all purchasers from manufacturing to the first retail outlet;
the invoice, order number and payment records of all purchasers from manufacturing to the first retail outlet.
CheckDoc is a system enabling the checking of documents signed either digitally or physically
CheckMedia is a verification system of media content with the help of special advanced encryption

CheckCertificate is a unique solution based on CheckOpti which allows companies to encode and mark their products certificates. This system simplifies the control of the issued certificates, their validity, as well as significantly increase the amount of information provided
E-mail: info@checktocashup.com
Tel: (+372) 6 788 397
Web: www.checktocashup.com
The most cost effective way of defeating counterfeiters and counterfeit products

The most cost effective way of defeating counterfeiters and counterfeit products...

Market analysis
Registration by products and time periods
Bonus campaign with promocodes
Incentive for repeat buying
Accrual of remuneration to buyer immediately after code registration
Savings on „discount“ budget !
Consumer switching from competitor’s products
Manufacturer’s choice of remuneration
realization options:

discount code for the next buy
collecting points

You increase the number of repeat buying due to deep discount and collecting points by buyers
You can change discount rate during the campaign, accrue different remuneration depending on the region
Sales statistics will be formed on-line - Buyer’s profile - Sales geography by regions
 Your buyers can participate in contests, provide their feedback, share impressions about promotion and goods. 
You can monitor the geography of your products’ sales and control distribution areas. 
You will get an additional information platform to communicate with your customers. 
Your will get customer base

BENEFITS for Marketing
ChecktoCashup works closely with
AmCham Estonia (American chamber
of commerce) and RosTest ( Goods
and Services Certification Center)
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