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Prezi + Ipad = Active + Collaborative Learning

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Michael Danza

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Prezi + Ipad = Active + Collaborative Learning

Presentations have not evolved much in the 50 years... Teaching has not evolved much in the past 50 years.... FALSE Computers and Information Technology have not evolved much in the last 50 years... Students have not evolved much in the last 50 years.... FALSE Prezi revolutionized the presentation... ~ Active learning transformed the teacher into a facilitator... Teachers give students a "fish"

Facilitators teach students how to learn which "feeds" them for a lifetime Prezi allows the presenter to show how ideas are connected Prezi allows text, images, video, and music to be integrated The World Wide Web and the Ipad revolutionized information technology and mobile computing.... We can sit in a room with other men and women and have the knowledge of human kind in our hands.... ~ Students have transformed into consumers and producers of knowledge... + = Prezi + Ipad = Active Learning, Collaboration, & Creativity The EQUATIONS ARE BALANCED Prezi + Ipad = Success
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