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EAHAE Presentation 2012

The Best of What Is

David Harris

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of EAHAE Presentation 2012

The Best of What is

Horse Assisted Education About
Evolution Solving Problems Creates
New More Complex Ones ! You create the wheel which solves the problem of moving heavy objects. Now how do you do it faster ? An approach We need new innovative solutions to solve ever increasingly challenging problems Problems we have
observed A very fast pace of life We have created environments
that do not enable people to
perform at their best Reduced sense
of self / fear Purpose ? What really matters Blinkered Heavy reliance/value of
cognitive learning - knowledge What is required? Environments that will encourage
optimum performance Encourage experimentation Build self confidence Increase awareness at multiple levels About this
presentation This is what we have found delivering
Horse Assisted Education in the last
9 years. It is not the truth,
it is our truth! We believe
Horse Assisted Education
is at the leading edge of
innovative learning Case Studies Started in March 2010
Taster Session
Then integrated into the Leading The Way Programme Programme Facts
7 Cohorts to date (8 participants)
2 Cohorts planned for 2013, first one is full
Executive teams attended
Special programme for LTW mentors
3 intact teams attended
Reconnect days added in 2012 Feedback
75% delegates have either been promoted or broadened the remit of their role since completing the programme
90% delegates say that this programme has had the greatest impact on their leadership style compared to other leadership development
95% delegates said the programme exceeded their expectations
90% of Line Managers and 75% direct reports and peers say they have seen a significant change in delegates leadership behaviour after the programme
85% of delegates say they are more confident in dealing with leadership challenges since attending the programme STOP PRESS
LTW has been shortlisted for the
prestigious 2012 Training Journal
awards in the Learning Partnership
category Conclusions So what ? These environments create stress, Stress triggers the
Sympathetic nervous system This produces Cortisol in
the body, this is the fight or flight chemical Cortisol damages and kills brain cells and affects memory formation and retrieval We can not perform at our best when we have too much Cortisol in our bodies Why? We learn in non-judgmental,
natural environments, utilising
experimentation and play This encourages / engages the
Parasympathetic Nervous system, Which creates promotes the
production of DHEA the
‘the anti-aging’ or ‘vitality hormone’ This creates an optimum
performance state or flow Kaiser Permanente
An integrated managed care consortium
Based in Oakland, California
181,900 employees
$47.9 billion Revenue
Not for profit
Leadership 380 Programme
Sophisticated Leadership Teams
Learning Frames
Confidence in uncertainty
DNA of Disruptive Innovators Scope
380 Participants
18 groups over 9 days Venue
Return to Freedom
Wild Horse Sanctury Structure
2 Groups per day
each complete
Half day - Horse Assisted Eduction
Half Day - Wild Horse Walk Thank You
Question? Aurora Fashions
Leading The Way Kaiser Permanente
Leadership 380
Teaching Horse HAE is the most powerful, innovative, fast, & effect way for people to re-learn the type of
key life skills essential in today's challenging environments
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