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Beyond Networking-STL Workshop 6-30-2015

No description

Neil Glaser

on 30 June 2015

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Transcript of Beyond Networking-STL Workshop 6-30-2015

The Job Search
Building Your Brand
Articulating what you do well and how you uniquely create value when you do it
Setting Your Targets and Goals
Entering This Transition Space
Assessing Your Competencies
Communicating your brand in-person and on-line through your writing, speaking, pictures, graphics, and behaviors
Job Interviewing
Demonstrating your ability, willingness, and fit for a particular job opening, throughout the selection process, developing a clear understanding of the job, and securing a job offer
Negotiating the Job Offer
Optimizing your compensation
Identifying the organizations and industries you will research, the people you will speak with, and the accountability metrics you will use in your job search
Developing a clear understanding, and complete inventory of, your knowledge, skills, natural abilities, and personality traits
Accepting your new reality, organizing your resources, and establishing a new professional work environment and schedule
At work, I'm the go to person for ____________
People could call me a ___________-freak
In almost any situation I tend to be the one who will . . .
Professional First Impressions
Beyond Networking-STL
Creating a Great Professional First Impression
June 30, 2015

Neil J. Glaser, SHRM-SCP, SPHR
Networking Exercise
Networking Event

Speed Networking
Interview Exercise
"Tell me something
about yourself
that isn't on your resume."
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