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Michigan Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics AC 2015

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Transcript of Michigan Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics AC 2015

The MIAAP: What's In It For You?

Allows for a one-time appropriation and expenditure of an additional $3.0 million from the Autism Coverage Fund in FY 2014-2015
Brings total spent from Fund to $8.5 million
MIAAP Supports
Signed into law by the Governor

SB 137
Eliminates the Earned Income Tax Credit
MIAAP Opposes

Failed to pass the Senate

HB 4609
2016 MDCH Budget
MIAAP Advocacy

Opposed and gained the Governor's support for treating e-cigarettes as tobacco products and prohibiting the sale to minors
Succeeded in adding additional funding for autism treatment for Medicaid and MI CHILD eligible children
Advocated for increased funding for Healthy Kids Dental; enrolling an additional

Succeeded in securing partial funding of Medicaid primary care increase for the upcoming fiscal year
Added language to the budget bill to recognize the PCP Medicaid rate increases up to 100% of Medicare for the fiscal year
MIAAP 2015 Working Programs
Immunization Toolkit
A new web resource for providers to help communicate important and factual information about vaccines to patients and parents
Provides resources to guide providers through immunization schedules, reporting, documentation, and billing
For more information, please visit MIAAP's website and click on "Immunization Toolkit for Providers"
MOC Part 2 at Annual Conference
Health Innovation Grant
SCREEN for 3
Children's Healthcare Access Program (CHAP)
MI is the ONLY state in the country to offer a pediatric medical home for children on Medicaid
Aims to improve health of children on Medicaid while utilizing existing resources and decreasing costs
Began in Kent county but has spread to 8 counties in 3 years
CHAP Continued...
Key Accomplishments of Kent Chap
ER visits decreased by 35% and inpatient hospital admissions decreased by 62% for CHAP clients
Social benefits of CHAP exceeding costs by 20%
Improvement in "Well Child" and immunization rates
Children with asthma are missing less school- from 6.4 to 1.4 days on average
Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part 4 Success!
ABP approved MIAAP program: Michigan Screening Tools and Referral Training (MISTART) is approved for MOC Part IV!
Contact Colleen Livingston (on-site this weekend) or at colleen.livingston@miaap.org if you are interested in participating in the training for 2015-2016!
The Pediatric Council
Active pediatricians working with insurance companies to solve issues between payers and pediatricians
Resident Advocacy Day
The MIAAP holds an annual Resident Advocacy Day at the Capitol
We work with the residency programs and provide advocacy training to residents prior to the event
We assist in setting up appointments with legislators and attend meetings with them to discuss legislation affecting Michigan children

Advocacy continued...
Advocacy pieces on the following topics
Access to Care
Infant Mortality
Save the Date!
66th Annual Meeting!
September 22-25, 2016
Location: Boyne Mountain Resort in Boyne Falls, MI

HB 4997
Prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and categorizes them as vapor products, separate from tobacco products, exempting them from tobacco regulations
MIAAP opposes
MIAAP advocates for gubernatorial veto
Vetoed by the Governor
SB 240
Prohibits the sale, use, or possession of powdered alcohol
MIAAP supports
Passed the Senate
MIAAP on CHAP Steering Committee!
Provide policy and sustainability to local CHAP initiatives
Improve health and development of Medicaid-enrolled children
Facilitated by Dr. Harvey Leo
Asthma: Diagnosis and Management
Find these advocacy pieces and more at
The training is grant-funded and is currently being facilitated in these counties in Year 1:
St. Joseph
Van Buren
SCREEN for 3 (cont.)
SCREEN for 3 (cont.)
The Screen for 3 training program is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics as a MOC Part 4 project and PI CME activity through Wayne State University.
MIAAP initiative to educate physicians to:
Learn how to utilize developmental and behavioral screening tools to identify children and youth with developmental and mental health needs
Utilize evidence-based research and return on investment research to describe the benefits of early referrals
Describe and understand the pediatrician's role in referring children and youth for further assessment and treatment
Describe and understand the community-based referral services and how to refer and track the progress of patients
Understand how to bill for developmental or behavioral screenings
Receive a resource list of community referral organizations, including Early On, Great Start Collaborative, Head Start, Community Mental Health and Special Education
Describe the benefits, process, and methods for engaging in partnership between providers, community referral agencies and parents
Describe how this activity can become an MOC activity for individual physicians.
SCREEN for 3 (cont.)
The Pediatric Foundation of Michigan received a Health Innovation Grant to improve health outcomes for foster children and youth in Kalamazoo County
A learning collaborative was established to
identify barriers
develop innovative solutions
improve the timeline and quality of assessment, planning, and care for children and youth entering the foster care system
HIG Background
State Medicaid Policy MSA 13-06 requires that foster children up to 21 years of age receive:
Physical exam from PCP within 30 days of entering the foster care system
Dental exam within 90 days of entering system
MDHHS reported that only 48% of foster children received a physical exam within 30 days, and only 24% received a dental exam within 90 days
Many barriers to improving this situation exist, including scheduling concerns, billing and reimbursement, informed consent, and proper documentation
Learning Collaborative
Composed of primary care providers and staff, Health Liaison Officers, social workers, RNs, CMH, dentists, med school residents and professors, family court, foster care agencies, early childhood education, infant mental health, and others
Work together to create solutions to the barriers that prevent full screening and medical examination of foster children
Potential Solutions In Progress
Health Liaison Officers will soon have access to insurance records
Regular meetings between courts, HLO, and foster agencies on placement and oversight of children in care
Michigan Child Collaborative Program has CMH support embedded in pediatric office
Foster care workers can bring paperwork to court hearings to reach parents for consent
Continuing conversations on the prescription of psychotropic drugs and the provision of adequate oral health care
Other Ideas Proposed
Using school-based health centers as a hub for care of foster children
DHS contracting nurse practitioners or other providers to care for children entering system
Providers dedicating a block of time monthly or quarterly to see only foster children
Inform providers as to why/how children entered foster care
Train foster parents so they know what to do and say at appointments
Project Outcomes
95% of respondents reported understanding of how children enter foster care and feel equipped to handle special needs of foster children
90% were aware that federal policy requires all foster children under age 3 to receive referral to
Early On
80% knew how MDHHS is supposed to receive confirmation that a foster child's medical, dental, or behavior exam took place
80% knew their county HLO and what support MDHHS offers them
Recent Legislation Supported by the MIAAP
Who are we?
Membership organization of Pediatricians in MI

Current membership: 1200+ members

Represent approximately 40% of all pediatricians in the state (both boarded and not boarded)

We are:
Neal Weinberg, MD, FAAP — President
Teresa Holtrop, MD, FAAP — President-Elect
Jon Gold MD, FAAP — Treasurer
Tisa Johnson-Hooper, MD, FAAP — Secretary
Lia Gaggino, MD, FAAP — Current Past President
Andrew Jones, MD, FAAP — Resident Representative
Mona Hanna-Attisha, MD, FAAP — At-Large
Layla Mohammed, MD, FAAP — At-Large
Nakia Williams, MD, FAAP — At-Large
Michael Klein, MD, FAAP  — At-Large

Board of Directors
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