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Interference Webinar

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Transcript of Interference Webinar

Questions & Answers
Have a team discussion about other ways they can guard against Interference.

Ask your team members if they feel more aware of Interference.

Ask them if they are more comfortable finding the right words to stop Interference.

Remind them to ALWAYS be polite when refusing Interference.
Part 1: Role Play this situation

Part 2: Role play this situation with the team member on guard against Interference.
Have the team create a letter or poster to give to their parents that reminds them not to interfere. Let the TEAM create this reminder; it will have more impact with parents. Some teams do this and post the message on their refrigerators at home as a constant reminder to their parents and siblings.
Read the section on Interference in Rules of the Road together as a team.
Make a copy of the Declaration of Independence for each team member. Read through it together and make sure everyone understands they will be signing it before the Tournament.
Interference and Parents
Interference Pyramid
Declaration of Independence
Is This Interference?
Thank you for attending!
List ways to…..
Think of ways to…..
What if we…..?
Do you suppose we could…..?
I wonder if…..
Wouldn’t it be nice if…..WIBNI?
How to…..H2
In what ways might we…..IWWMW?
How might we…..?
Statement and Question Stems
Only 7 heads & sets of hands allowed!
Leading idea Generating & Focusing sessions
Teaching skills
Help the team understand the RULES
Safety Monitor
Finding outside “Resources”
Anything related to Instant Challenge
is Infrastructure.
It is not Interference to help your team
understand the aspects and rules of the Challenge.
critical thinking

Creative Problem Solving Tools
leadership skills
inquiry skills
Promote the
of many and varied strengths and talents
in, enthusiasm for, and
to real-life problem solving
©Destination Imagintion of NY, Inc. 2012
Welcome to a Team Manager Webinar
Becoming part of idea generation or decision making, or contributing any work toward the Challenge Solution
Interference. This area belongs only to the team. This is the team’s Presentation.
Interference robs the team of:
Interference is Theft !
the goals
the process
the experience
Skills are tools that fill a virtual toolbox. The magic truly happens when team members pull an existing skill from their box and creatively apply it to the unknown. As a Team Manager, encouraging skill development is not just a technique, but a gift to the team for a lifetime.
In fact it is the essence of what Team Managers should do.
We all learn skills. Some team members will astound you with the skills they already have. Other skills need to be
to accomplish even the most basic tasks.
The Interference Pyramid
Red is TEAM
Green is Both Team
Teach them to be alert, aware and on guard!
Interference: Teach your team to be on guard!
Interference Role Plays
Presented by Cheryl Druding, Affiliate Director
The Interference Pyramid
Teaching basic skills to the team is NOT interference.
Facilitating at the Skills level is not Interference.
The Interference Pyramid
The Interference Pyramid
Team Managers are NOT team members.
The SOLUTION is where the team synthesizes the SKILLS and INFRASTRUCTURE into something totally their own. It draws on the foundational levels of the pyramid, but produces something unique; a way of putting the pieces together that is unexpected – the team’s solution.
The Interference Pyramid
Red is TEAM
Green is Both Team
Asking leading questions to cause team to reach “your idea”
Ideas from parents, teachers, or anyone other than 7 brains
Making props, costumes, applying make-up
Giving stage directions
NOT Interference
DI Goals
Interference robs the team
Appraisers are trained to spot interference to keep the playing field level
It is not unusual if you, as a Team Manager, worry about Interference. You may worry that you are unintentionally or subconsciously “leading” your team, you may worry that your team members’ parents are giving them assistance outside of team meetings, you may worry about the siblings of your team members giving them ideas, and on and on. How can you best protect your team (and their Challenge solution) from unwanted Interference?
Some things you can do to help your team guard against Interference are:
Make sure your team knows and understands what Interference is!
Use the following Role Plays with your team to practice helping them handle cases of unwanted Interference. First run through the Role Play, then have the team role play again, this time with the team on guard, politely but firmly refusing the Interference.
Role Play 1:
Team member is trying to finish work on a difficult prop. It’s getting late at night, and it’s time for the team member to go to bed. Parent offers to finish the prop for the team member.
Part 1: Role Play this situation

Part 2: Role play this situation with the team member on guard against Interference.
Role Play 2:
Team member needs to use a power tool. Parent insists on doing it him/herself.
Part 1: Role Play this situation

Part 2: Role play this situation with the team member on guard against Interference.
Role Play 3:
Team is practicing skit. Team Manager acts as director, giving stage directions (i.e. reminding team to speak louder, stand differently, when to enter, exit, etc.).
After role playing, debrief with the team:
CPS Tools
are Infrastructure.
It is not Interference to teach the CPS Tools or suggest use of the tools when the team is having problems generating or focusing.
Time Management
is Infrastructure.
It is not Interference to help the team learn this skill
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