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Scientific Google Research Workshop

No description

Micha Hektor Haarkötter

on 18 May 2017

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Transcript of Scientific Google Research Workshop

"Information Overload"-Problem
The end of keyword-search
Filtering results
diminish number or results
Advanced search strategies
Grey area of Google?
Use foreign languages!
Google Hacks
Handmade Operators
Scientific Google Research Workshop
Prof. Dr. Hektor Haarkoetter, HMKW Cologne
The "grave digger"-problem:
How to keep clients on the page?
Semantic search
Other Google Engines
Google hides most of its services under:
Alternatives to Google
"Above the fold"-problem
"Search strategy"-Problem
95 % of Google users never experienced the "advanced search"

80 % of Google users don't know refined search methods

Filter bubble
basic filter operations
Data, where are thou?
Data Research
Prof. Dr. Hektor Haarkoetter
Thank you for your attention!
Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft (HMKW)
Höninger Weg 139
50969 Köln/Cologne


Never ask
a question!
Google Operators
Combine & save search terms
Combine up to 32 search terms
Boolean operators: and, or, not
London -hotels
Italy OR Spain
Angela +Merkel (?)
Advanced hints:
Order of keywords:
"Wolfgang Blau"
Keyword stuffing:
saving money ≠ money saving
senators earnings ≠
senators earnings earnings earnings earnings earnings earnings
Search terms = keywords + operators
site:spiegel.de Regierungsprogramm
“SPD Hessen“ 2008..2013 filetype:pdf
Union OR association OR club OR society OR organisation OR guild OR team OR brotherhood
Save complex search terms by drag'n'drop
(or bookmark them)
e.g. [weather Zürich]
Securities Identification Number:
e.g. [515100] = BASF
Sport results:
e.g. [FC Arsenal]
e.g. [(5*9+3)^3]
Units & measures:
e.g. [13 miles in kilometres]
e.g. [define newsroom]
Regional search:
e.g. [Pizza 50677]
Parcel tracking (UPS, FedEx, DHL):
e.g. [1Z9999W99999999999]
Time & time zone:
[time Beijing]
Public data:
e.g. [population great britain]
e.g. [map new york city]
2nd most used search engine
special operators
(size, colors, copyright, family filter etc.)
Google Image Search
special operators (e.g. "author")
full copy download with add-ons
Google Books
special operators (pdf, author)
Citation service
user profiling
Google Scholar
Powerful data-database
Interface to Google Fusion
Google Public Data Explorer
Overview about Google search terms worldwide
Special operators (regional interest, categories)
Google Trends
more than 200 museums recorded with Google Streetview technique
more charity-projects under www.google.org
Google Artproject
Search for secrets!
Keywords e.g.: „not for publication“, „secret“, „not for official use“, „confidential“
Combine secrets with filetypes & companies!
e.g. [„secret“ OR „confidential“ OR „not for publication“ filetype:doc OR filetype:docx OR filetype:pdf site:companyname.com]
Do the security check!
Combine e.g. "password" or "username" with "Filetype:xls" and different company names.
Try URL-manipulation!
The form of an URL often shows how a site works,
e.g. [http://dipbt.bundestag.de/doc/btd/18/021/1802130.pdf]
General interest search engines
Special interest search engines
Googleing data ressources
Datafiles: [filetype:xls] or [filetype:csv]

Databases: [filetype:mdb] or [filetype:sql] or

Direct download: [inurl:download filetype:xls]

Geo data: [filetype:shp]
Data ressources on the web
Datenbankinformationssystem (german): http://rzblx10.uni-regensburg.de/dbinfo/fachliste.php?bib_id=hsb)

Hugh collection of databases: www.completeplanet.com

Open Knowledge Foundation: http://datahub.io

A databases-database: http://datacatalogs.org
Open Data
Overview: http://www.data.gov/opendatasites

National services:
USA: http://www.data.gov
GB: http://data.gov.uk/
Germany: https://www.govdata.de/‎

World Bank: http://data.worldbank.org
EU: http://open-data.europa.eu/en/data/
Googles Datendienst:

Question&answer-Site: http://getthedata.org

Wayback-machine: https://archive.org/

National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting:

Data search engines
Follow the presentation:
Foto: Die.keimzelle/Wikimedia
Foto: BirgitH/Pixelio
Foto: Nürnberger Zeitung/Franken-Wiki
Foto: Ministry of Information Photo Division Photographer, Stone Richard/Wikimedia
Foto: Michael Holley/Wikimedia
Foto: Peter Hamer/Wikimedia
Foto: Tomislav Medak/Wikimedia
Foto: Poipoi/Wikimedia
special operators
(sources, time period, relevance)
Google News
Full transcript