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US Market Entry Systematic

No description

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of US Market Entry Systematic

Selection process
The Systematic program is dedicated to mature companies with the ability and the willingness to set up in the U.S. and to become truly global.
Phase 1: Preparing your market entry
Phase 2:
Facing your potential customers in Boston, SF or NY
Phase 3:
Defining your US strategy
Have everything in place before launching operations on a larger scale in the US.

During the stay of the companies in the US, French Tech Hub dedicated advisors will work with them on their local business plan.
The following components will be discussed:
- Go-to-Market strategy
- Financial Needs
- Management Organization
- Local Operations

Ready, Set, Go: U.S. Market Entry
Systematic Program powered by
A highly selective program dedicated to the most innovative and mature SYSTEMATIC members able to succeed on the US market.
Position your product in the highly competitive US market
Market your product according to the American expectations
Define a specific US go-to-market strategy
Budget and Plan accurately your market entry
To prepare your U.S. market launch
Phase 1 - 2 months
Phase 2 - 2 weeks
Phase 3 - 2 weeks
Preparing your market entry
Facing your potential customers
Defining your US Strategy
Selection Criteria
US readiness
- The team readiness to adapt to the US environment
- The market readiness for the product

Financial Capacity
Call for Application
Selection committee with industry and US experts
2 months in France
Messaging and
Marketing Review
To stand out in the crowded U.S. market, you need to do more than simply translate your materials into English. You need marketing materials that present your value proposition in the best possible light for American audiences.
1. List and identify target market opportunities

2. Figure out your point of difference and unique attributes.

3. Determine your positioning and a clear, concise, and compelling Customer Value Proposition

Market opportunities and threats,
Value proposition hypothesis to be delivered to customers
Critical Success Factors required to deliver this value proposition
Leads channels

Positioning Analysis
Individual Program
- Review of marketing collaterals and recommendations on update/expansion or revision of existing:

o Website Review
o Company backgrounder
o Slide deck for demos
o Email templates

Assess your CVP in the US
Customer Validation
in partnership with
Participation at investor forums and networking events.
Identify the right contacts
Organize face-to-face meetings and/or conference calls
Analyze the feed-back and adjust the go-to-market accordingly

Your financial participation:
7.5 k€

Total cost of the program:
15 k€
7.5 k€
financed by Conseil Regional IdF)
2 weeks in Boston, SF or NY
2 weeks
in the U.S. or in France
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