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Boost My Career - Prototype & Test

No description

Rob Straker

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Boost My Career - Prototype & Test

Prototype #2:
BoostMyCareer App
Develop a smartphone app to set goals, break them down into steps, and get reminders & motivation.
Testing #2:
"Yaa, I like that. Your goals could be broken into small steps, and it helps keep track of goals done."

"It makes you focus, because you can look up and suddenly, three years has gone by!"

I like the inspirational messages. But it would be good to add tips: how to break goals into steps, how to improve confidence, how to negotiate for a job.

"I like that you made it an app, because you can carry it everywhere and get tips on the go. You don't have to wait until the end of the day, you can use it at lunch, while waiting for the bus, etc.
"Boost My Career":
Prototype & Test

The Problem Statement
How does a young woman, early in her career, gain the confidence to take her career to the next level?
Idea #1: Interview someone
who has the role you want!
Find someone who has the exact role that you want, and ask if you can meet for lunch or coffee because you would appreciate learning from their career success.
Idea #2: Articulate your goal, then break
it down into the steps required to get there
Study a goal-setting book like "7 Habits", develop both short and long-range goals then identify the daily, weekly, and monthly activities that will get you there.
Testing #1:
"I think it's cute, but worry that it might look a little silly to the person being interviewed, and that's a risk if the interviewer already lacks confidence."

"I do think it's good because it makes you think about the questions you should ask. Maybe it's a tool to use to prepare to interview a senior person to make it less intimidating. You can generate lots of ideas from cute pictures and questions."

"It might work for an interview with creative companies, but not for more traditional ones."

"You could improve by color-coding cards by topic and importance. If done well, you could even sell it."
Prototype #1: Gamification
Create a deck of cards with conversation-starters to gain quick insight and inspiration.
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