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Presidential Candidate Joseph North

No description

Kyle Van Landingham

on 31 October 2015

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Transcript of Presidential Candidate Joseph North

Immigration Reform

Battleground State Strategies
Electoral Strategy
Governor Joseph North
-52 year old moderate fiscal republican
-Poor childhood in Florida with Cuban Mother and White Father
-First in family to graduate college with aid of military finances earned through service and graduated with a doctorate in medicine
-Governor of Florida 8 years
-Son in military
Stump Speech
Presidential Candidate Joseph North
-Tighten up on border patrol and illegal immigration
-Streamline H-1B visas to encourage entrepreneurial immigrants to apply legally and simplify the costs associated with legal immigration
Affordable Care Act
-Reduce minimums on coverage for private companies
-Eliminate the individual mandate for insurance
-Encourage building of Keystone XL pipeline and pro-energy agenda
-Reform tax code to lower corporate tax to encourage business growth in the U.S. but close loopholes to make up for the loss of revenue
New Hampshire
North Carolina
Independent electorate
Traditionally red state
Colorado has growing Latino population
Our policy on immigration reform will appeal to the growing demographic
Large energy/oil state - PRO-energy
Regardless of party affiliation voters want more American made energy and are more likely to support candidates that support energy policy
Our candidate is a strong supporter of American energy independence which will reinforce voter support for our candidate
Project by
Kyle Van Landingham
Karven Rodrigo
Alex Vanelli
Zack Ackerman
Reliably Republican since 1952 shift only since 2008 however by narrow margins in last election
Polarized voters so our candidate will offer moderate policy to appeal to broader range of voters
Recent polls show that 54% (202,821 votes) of Virginia voters do NOT support the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) which in turn will favor our candidate's policy on reforming health care
Picked electoral winner since 1944 except once
55% of voters in Ohio do NOT support Obamacare(202,821 votes) which will sway voters to support our own reform policies on healthcare
Ohio voters opposes raising taxes and voted in support of tax breaks for corporations. Therefore, our candidate will appeal to them through the reduction of corporate taxes
Although surrounded by "blue" states it has independent voters
59% of voters in New Hampshire oppose Obama, therefore voters will favor a Republican candidate
Recent polls shows that tightening border security improves favor of candidate, and our candidate will prioritize securing borders first, once in office
Voted almost exclusively Republican since 1968
NC Independent voters strongly disapprove of Obama AND all groups support Republican candidates (except for women who are split)
Our candidate will have extremely strong support as Republican as well as being a reformer of the Affordable Care Act
Reliably Red state since 1968 with few exceptions
Most recent election Romney beat Obama in 2012, which shows a shift to Republican that will favor our own candidate
Worst unemployment rates in the U.S., according to the United States of Bureau of Labor as of Nov. 2014 - our candidate will appeal to voters in Georgia by providing new job opportunities through tax reform
Close general elections yearly
Iowan voters support creating a path to citizenship for immigrants in the U.S., as long as the borders are controlled first
Our candidate's position on immigration reform fits well with the views of Iowan voters
305 shown
326 w/ NV/WI/NM
Americans have been promised meaningful legislation under the Obama administration, yet no action has been taken. First and foremost, we have over 5 million illegal immigrants within our border and hundreds crossing over the border every day without legal approval. In addition, American families are being hurt by the current Affordable Care Act due to unfair minimums that force them to pay for coverage that is not necessary to their health needs. The Obama administration has also done little to give Americans job opportunities that would provide for their families. As president, I will bring about the changes needed to provide Americans the opportunity to thrive in our great country. The job market has been improving, but only marginally. My administration and I will encourage corporations to keep their businesses in the United States by utilizing tax cuts to provide them with the opportunity to hire more employees due to less restrictive corporate tax codes. In addition to that tax strategy, we also plan to simplify the tax code to ensure that there is less tax evasion to make up for the loss in revenue from corporate contributions. I want to reduce the minimum health coverage required by the government, and give families the opportunity to decide what health care they will receive. I will work with Congress to improve the Affordable Care Act so that families can get the health care they want, not the health care the government decides they should have. Our inefficient immigration system is an issue that needs to be taken care of immediately. I plan to work with Congress to reform immigration through tightening border security, while making the process of attaining a visa simpler and less costly for illegal immigrants in the states as well as those seeking to come into the States legally. By no means should we deport all of them on the grounds of violating our border, however there must be a plan to address this issue. Our country needs to be set on the right track and together we can accomplish that goal.
Stump Speech typed out
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