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Involving other communities through challenges and cooperation

No description

Clara Nellist

on 24 July 2015

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Transcript of Involving other communities through challenges and cooperation

Although the
challange on Kaggle has finished, the dataset is still available online: http://higgsml.lal.in2p3.fr
LHCb have just released their own challenge to ask people to identify a rare decay phenomenon:
ATLAS and CMS are looking at another challenge.

Instructions for downloading
can be found on the website:
How you can get involved?
ATLAS physicists :
LAL: Claire Adam-Bourdarios
David Rousseau
RHUL: Glen Cowan
Machine Learning scientists :
LAL: Balazs Kegl
LRI: Cécile Germain
Chalearn: Isabelle Guyon
Interesting events seen so far...
Zooniverse is a collection of web-based citizen science projects that use the efforts of volunteers to help researchers deal with the flood of data that confronts them.
Higgs Hunters
Communicating the projects
Involving other communities through challenges and cooperation
Clara Nellist (LAL-Orsay)
on behalf of the ATLAS Collaboration

Content from David Rousseau
Higgs Machine Learning
The ATLAS@home project allows
volunteers to run simulations
of collisions in the ATLAS detector using the idle processing time of their home computers.
For the first year the community consisted of software fans, who were attracted by the technical challenge and contributed to the debugging via message boards.
With the start of LHC, the number of people attracted for outreach reasons is growing.
Higgs Machine Learning
Higgs Hunters
Andrej Filipčič
Claire Adam Bourdarios
David Cameron
Efrat Tal Hod
Eric Lancon
Riccardo Maria Bianchi
Wenjing Wu
Oxford: Alan Barr
Thomas Hornigold
Chris Lintott
Ryan MacDonald
NYU: Andy Haas
Jeffrey Mei,
Birmingham: Pete Watkins
EPS - HEP 2015 (22-29th July 2015), Vienna, Austria
C. Nellist
EPS - HEP 2015 (22-29th July 2015), Vienna, Austria
C. Nellist
C. Nellist
EPS - HEP 2015 (22-29th July 2015), Vienna, Austria
C. Nellist
EPS - HEP 2015 (22-29th July 2015), Vienna, Austria
EPS - HEP 2015 (22-29th July 2015), Vienna, Austria
C. Nellist
Various badges for users to earn through their contributions.
The HiggsML poster advertising the challenge.
Content from Claire Adams Bourdarios
Content from Alan Barr
EPS - HEP 2015 (22-29th July 2015), Vienna, Austria
Higgs Hunters went live on Zooniverse in November 2014
Possible 'beam halo'
A 'punch-through'
A high-energy particle that bursts into a jet of particles at the edge of the calorimeter and looks like a jet of muons.
Particles that have been swept along with the LHC beam.
The statistics:
More than
classifications of
images by more than
different members of the public.

Higgs Machine Learning
Higgs Hunters
EPS - HEP 2015 (22-29th July 2015), Vienna, Austria
C. Nellist
C. Nellist
EPS - HEP 2015 (22-29th July 2015), Vienna, Austria
A new project! Yes!
" - zombie67 (First user), 18th June 2014
Rewards are for different contributions:
- for being in the top Nth percentage of the users contributing the most Recent Average Credit (RAC).
The top 1% get a top quark.
- for perseverance.
After 180 days, they get a tau neutrino.
- years of involvement.
After 5 years, they get a Higgs.
World map of users by credit contributed:
More WUs please !
" - Yeti, 31st January 2015
WU = Work Unit
Q: What are they classifying?
A: "Lines that seem to sprout from a common point that is NOT the center. These are called "Off-center vertexes" (OCVs)."
8 / 8
7 / 8
6 / 8
Social media can be used to inform the public about our various projects and encourage participation and discussion.
Artwork by Sandbox Studio, Chicago. From Symmetry Magazine.
Sort into two groups.
1) Higgs
2) Everything else
1st Place - $7,000
2nd Place - $4,000
3rd Place - $2,000
Posted on Twitter, 9:29 AM - 17th June 2014
CERN Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit, June 2015
To benefit from the knowledge of the machine learning community and to engage the public with the type of analysis work required to discover the Higgs.
The challenge ran from May to September 2014 on the Kaggle platform.
The signal used was Higgs to two tau particles, simulated by the ATLAS experiment.
Greater than one million users worldwide!
With 20 projects and 60 papers.
Kaggle’s most popular challenge event at the time!
Tianqi Chen and Tong He received the "HEP meets ML" award

The dataset used in the challenge will remain on CERN Open Data Portal with a citeable d.o.i.:
Contains ~800k events.

Posted on Twitter, 9:29 AM - 27th November 2014
The ATLAS collaboration has recently setup three projects targeting citizen science or specific communities.
2 / 8
3 / 8
4 / 8
5 / 8
The significance of the dataset increased by 20% with respect to the traditional HEP tool (TMVA).
It was a very fruitful collaboration established with the machine learning community.
New techniques and new software came from the collaboration.
ATLAS jobs running on BOINC site:
ATLAS Simulation Jobs:
No knowledge of particle physics is required, but for those interested in the physics processes simulated in ATLAS@Home as well as the ATLAS experiment itself visit our public page.
Higgs Hunters
, you can go directly to this link and get started!
Further reading:
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