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CloudOpting MWC 2016

No description

Genís Mauri Baqueró

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of CloudOpting MWC 2016

To foster the
adoption of cloud computing by Public Administrations
ensuring the interoperability of the solution across borders in Europe.

To deploy up a
Shared Cloud Based Open Platform as a Service

that enables governments and business to consume and deliver
digital public services
Vision for the future
All the face-to-face meetings carried out have been a success and make us very encouraging about the Business Model Sustainability to create a Start-Up
Image by Tom Mooring
A Sustainable Business Model
Fostering the European marketplace
for digital governments
Your Marketplace
in 1 minute

Increase the
usage of cloud computing by Public Administrations

Provide consumer-oriented tools and interfaces to
offer new opportunities for the development
of innovative services by third parties, especially
for SMEs
, using public information repositories.

Create best practices for the
adoption of cloud computing
across Europe
Economy of scale:
Costs are shared between the clients of the service. So, the more members joined, the less unitary cost.

Have a
strong channel network
to both attract new participants and assure the last mile everywhere in Europe with local SME.

Incorporate a
points rewarding system
that encourages and fosters the growth of the whole ecosystem.
The model
articulated by...

A CloudOpting Startup
with Franchises across Europe
Software integrator companies or consultancy firms with experience in the public sector.
Mobile Services
Connected Citizen
is a solution that aims at providing a single platform for all cities to offer them a set of
mobile applications
available in iOS and Android.
cloud-based multi-city middleware.
connectors to open data, other data sources and third party services.
Connected Citizen
by Worldline
City Portal
A powerful launcher that allows citizens to find and download city apps.
An app that provides the citizens with information of services and facilities.
An app that allows citizens to discover the agenda of events and cultural activities.
An app that eases the interaction between citizens and the city council, dealing with incidences, suggestions and enquiries.
Partners with reputable European service providers giving access to technical support and technology advancements.

Possibility to become a certified partner of CloudOpting.
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