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Florida National Scenic Trail Standards and Guidelines (Coalition Meeting 6/9)

The following standards and guidelines were recommended by the Florida National Scenic Trail Ad-visory Council on November 18, 1989 and put forth by the National Trails Sys-tem Act and the Florida National Scenic Trail Comprehensive Plan.

Maya Buhler

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Florida National Scenic Trail Standards and Guidelines (Coalition Meeting 6/9)

Florida National Scenic Trail
Standards and Guidelines
Trail Blazing Standards
Should be frequent enough to ensure on route
Double blazes to indicate change in direction
Painted 5.5-6 ft off ground
Top blaze indicates direction of turn
Two-inch wide by six-inch long blaze
Be careful not to over-blaze
The Uniform FNST Marker
Use to identify FNST to public
Smaller marker used to identify intersection with another trail
Kiosks and Trailheads
state map
FNST bio
local map
park information
emergency response plan
Trail Class Standards
Class 1
Class 3
Class 5
Class 1
- natural, unmodified; low to no human impact on the environment
Class 3
- semi-natural environment with visible human impacts
Class 5
- highly modified, potentially urban environment
FNST Tread Standards
Tread Standards
Bradwell Bay
Big Cypress
Class 3
Utilize staff & existing resources
How do I maintain my section of Trail?
Utilize volunteers & other volunteer organizations
Engage the FTA & other stewardship groups
Big Cypress National Preserve
Little Manatee River F-Troop
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