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Research questions & Topic

Identify a size-appropriate, substantial and researchable, topic; narrow and refine research topics; generate effective research questions

Kristin Wintin

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of Research questions & Topic

Research questions and topics Like walking in the wilderness
you need a map (or GPS) so you
don't get lost. General subject area: broad fields like sports, music
and history. Ask:
What do I most like reading in the class?
Given the subject area, what would I like to find the answer to? step ONE step TWO Do preliminary
research Read websites,
magazines, newspapers.
Talk to people. step three Choose your topic
and refine it! Ask:
Is this topic interesting?
Is it appropriate to the size of paper
Is there enough information?
Is it substantial -- worth writing about? step four Narrow the topic Ask:
What do I know?
What do I still need
WRESTLING WRESTLING How did wrestling begin? Which topic is most researchable?
--what prehistoric people thought about the moon?
--the way George Washington might handle contemporary issues
if he were president today?
--the reasons why the US entered World War I?

Which topic would be appropriate for a 2-page report?
--the history of classical music
--the popularity of classical music today versus the popularity of another
type of music popular among young people today
every major work of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven
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