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Google Scholar for Research and Citation Tracking

No description

John Burke

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Google Scholar for Research and Citation Tracking

Google Scholar for Research
and Citation Tracking

John Burke - RECHARGE - January 21, 2014
Free to search for scholarly materials
Conference publications/presentations
Patents and Case law

Free Gmail or Miami Gmail account = more features
My library
My Citations

Easiest way in: http://mail.miamioh.edu
Searching Google Scholar
Limit by publication date
Sort by date v. relevance

Advanced search options

CIted by

Free and licensed content
Find IT @MiamiOH
automatically set on campus computers
Need to set up off-campus under Settings, Library Links

Search Alerts
Create from any search results or from Scholar start screen

Items are updated and emailed when Google Scholar is reloaded
My library
Save adds citations to your My library

Cloud-based place to save your research

Can label articles

Can import your articles and cited sources from My Citations
My Citations
Create profile

Add articles

Watch for activity

Additional link:
Metrics - activity in Google Scholar from 2008-2012
Final thoughts on Scholar
Free (compare to Web of Science or Scopus)

Includes wider array of scholarly documents (for good and bad)

Can be gamed (individuals can post false documents)

Could disappear (but here since 2004)

Microsoft Academic Search
Please fill out the session evaluation:
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