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Programming the Football Weight Room

No description

Marty Tuley

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of Programming the Football Weight Room

What most coaches
think constitutes "speed" training is bullshit.
2006 - 4.34
2007 - 4.34
2008 - 4.30
2009 - 4.38
2010 - 4.36
2011 - 4.33
2012 - 4.37
2013 - 4.34
2014 - 4.34
2015 - 4.35
2016 - 4.37
Sammy Sosa
Ben Johnson
Mark McGwire
The NFL's, 225, bench press test is a speed test.
Speed Training
Two Ways to Increase and Athletes Speed
increase stride length
increase force production
Workout Frame
dynamic warm-up - 5 - 10 minutes
primary motion (example: squat, bench Press, dead lift) - 15-20 minutes
supporting motion for hypertrophy - 10 minutes
supporting accessory motions - 10-15 minutes
neck or abs - 5 minutes
Programming the Football Weight Room
Summer (mid-May to mid-August)
test 10,20 and 40 yard runs, bench press, front squat, trap bar dead lift and broad jump
In-season (mid-August - end of December)
no bench press
train at 50-80% of max
Winter (January 1st - March 1st)
Spring (March 1st - mid-May)
Strength Systems
Westside (Louie Simmons)
The Cube (Brandon Lilly)
Elite (Dave Tate)
Juggernaut (Chad Wesley Smith)
5/3/1 (Jim Wendler)
Four Phases
Front Squat - 8x5, 3x7 or 5x2
warmup - 40%x10,50%x7, 60%x5
Manta Ray Back Squat - 4x10 - 60%

Goblet Dumbbell Squat – 3x15 – 30% supersetted with
4 Way Neck Partner

Body Weight Scissor Lunge - 3x10

Bench Press - 8x5,3x7 or 5x2
warmup - 40%x10,50%x7, 60%x5
Barbell Floor Press – 4x10 – 70%

Skull Crushers w/ Blast Straps – 4x10
supersetted with
Lying Leg Raises – 4x15

Shoulder Y’s w/ Blast Straps – 4x10
supersetted with
Body Weight Planks – 4x30seconds

Trap Bar Dead Lift - 8x5, 3x7 or 5x2
warmup - 40%x10,50%x7, 60%x5
Hang Clean – 6x3 – 35% of your 1x dead lift max

Monkey Bar Chins – 4x10
supersetted with
Turkish Sit Ups – 4x10 (w/plate or dumbbells)

Blast Strap Rows – 4x15
supersetted with
Lying Leg Raises – 4x15

do remove the guess work
do systemize the process
do make it brainless
do what you know
don't get cute
don't get creative
don't do variety for varieties sake
DON'T apply the field to the weight room!
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