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Refresher! Creating & Delivering Effective Presentations

No description

Katie Abrams

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Refresher! Creating & Delivering Effective Presentations

Creating & Delivering Effective Presentations

Let's Learn:
Characteristics of powerful visual aid | How to prepare | Characteristics of confident, clear delivery

Before you head out...
Exercise earlier in the day
Clasp hands, tense all muscles, release
Focus on breathing from your stomach
Embrace it, turn it into positive
Healthy snack (fruit with vit. C, granola or cereal, almonds), stay hydrated
Avoid caffeine, sugar, "heavy" foods, alcohol
Visualize the scene and audience when you practice
The audience is on your side
Memorization + anxiety = poor performance
Plan for interaction
Look for friendly faces
Look good, feel good
General Anxiety Reducers
Creating Effective Visual Aids
Learn from bad examples
RamCT> Lectures > Worst PPT Ever
Pay more attention to audience
than yourself.
Stand tall with shoulders pulled back
Widen your stance
Spread your arms to expand into space
Eye (or forehead) contact with several
Practice away nervous ticks, prevent them
Confident Body Language
Vocal Clarity
Speak slowly, articulate (change words hard to say)
Amplify for space
Use tone and volume to create interest, think of reading a story aloud
Don't repeat introduction
Thank them, dive in
Closing Statement (may connect to attn getter
See link in assignment doc
Make sure you know:
9 min to prepare
60-90 seconds
PPT optional
No note cards
15 points

Don't forget this
One point per slide model
Now you're ready to present, right?
7-9 min.
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