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NHF's 2013 Annual Report

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Danielle Cameron

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of NHF's 2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report
A Summary of Our 2013 Annual Report
Remember last year's report?
This year we're taking those statistics
and telling you how those programs continue to serve our community.
Recuperative Care Program
Last Year
This Year:
800 more patients have received recuperative care and they had fewer hospital readmissions than patients discharged to their own care.
Patient Safety First
Last Year
This Year:
CHAMP Program
Last Year
Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Last Year
This Year:
This Year:
Together these improvements have resulted in over $63 million dollars in costs avoided over the three years of the program. Moreover, reductions in sepsis mortality have resulted in an estimated 3,576 lives saved.
In the sixth year of the program, NHF’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention program served 77 students. After our program, these students reported that they:

Know more about what they want from life; have a clear picture of the future; want to make decisions to reach their long-terms goals; and believe that obtaining a high school diploma is important.

National Health Foundation’s Children’s Health Access & Medi-Cal Program (CHAMP) provided health education to over 1,000 Certified Application Assisters (CAA), community health workers and healthcare advocates across the state of California.
That gives you an idea of what NHF accomplished in 2013. If you want to learn more, click this link and sign up to get the whole annual report when it's released. We've got a lot to tell you...
Thanks for checking us out!
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