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2016 School-Based Arrests in Baltimore

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jenny egan

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of 2016 School-Based Arrests in Baltimore

Context for the Context
In 2011-2012 in New York City Schools, which serves a million students, there were 2,548 school arrests.

We don’t have a comparable school-year data, but we do know that in the calendar year 2013 there were 623 school arrests in Baltimore City Public Schools, which serves 80,000 students.

That means that in NYC 1 out of every 392 students face arrest, but in Baltimore it is 1 out of every 128 students.
School-Based Arrests in Maryland
According to the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services Data Resource Guide, statewide there were 23,446 juvenile arrests in 2015 and 4% (or 937) were school-based referrals.
School-based Arrests in Baltimore
Baltimore City reported 3,390 juvenile arrests and referrals in 2015.

12.6% (or 427*) were school-based arrests or referrals
That Number in Context
Maryland has 830,000 K-12 students in 2015. Baltimore City made up 10% of those students and 45% of all school-based arrests and referrals in 2015.
During the past two school years, OPD tracked more than 300 of the school-based arrests and referrals from arraignment through disposition to see what happened in each case.

School-Based Arrests in Baltimore
What does 1 out of every 128 kids looks like?
What happens the 1 out of 128 children who are arrested?

In 2014-2015 school year

of school complaints were dismissed,
diverted, or non-delinquent.

Only 17% of kids were found facts sustained and delinquent. Of the 27 of the respondents we tracked who were found facts sustained and delinquent, of those

were found facts sustained
of a felony offense, or

of all arrests & referrals.

*This number only represents the number of school-based arrests and referrals sent to DJS. It does not count all school-based arrests as many of them are diverted by the police at booking.
New York City
only 7

2010 = 678
2011 = 546
2012 = 523
2013 = 620
2014 = 630
2015 = 427

Baltimore school based arrests and referrals according to the Dept. of Juvenile Services
That's unfortunate, but only the most serious cases least to arrest, right?
“Arrest doubles the probability of dropout even when controlling for arrest expectations, college expectations, prior and concurrent delinquency, grade retention, school suspension, middle school grade point average, and
a number of demographic factors.”

“... a court appearance nearly quadruples the odds of dropout”

The study found that the increased risk of dropout was particularly severe for first time offenders.

Gary Sweeten. “Who Will Graduate? Disruption of High School Education by Arrest and Court Involvement,” Justice Quarterly 23:4 (2006)
Jenny Egan

Md. Office of the Public Defender
Juvenile Division of Baltimore City
For more info contact:

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