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Restaurant Operations

Chapter 8

Carolyn Elbert

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Restaurant Operations

Food Production
Why do I need to know BOH.....
Restaurant Operations
Great service is essential for the success of a restaurant
American Service
Less formal...Still professional

Understand guests' satisfaction levels & needs
Russian Service

Food is cooked & placed on serving platters

Guests assemble their own plate
French Service

Final preparation and presentation of the food occurs at the table

Evaluated level of service, higher cost
Front of the House
Types of Service
Back of The House
All areas that do NOT have direct guest contact

Trends in Restaurant Operations
Doing more with less

Changing guest wants and expectations

Food Safety

Training & retaining good employees

Higher Food Costs
Restaurant Forecasting
Covers & Average Guest Check

Factors that impact Forecasting:
*Day of the Week
*Time of the Year
*Weather Conditions
*Many other Factors

Friday, Saturday & Sunday 50% of revenue
How to Forecast
Average Check = Total Sales / Covers

Number of Guests x Average Check = Forecasted Sales

Forecasts are used to determine:
staffing (labor costs)
other expenses
More than just buying a product
Purchasing Systems:
Product specifications
Minimize Loss
Par stock & Reorder levels
Operating Ratios
Food Cost %
Beverage Cost %
Labor Cost %
Cost of Food Sold / Food Sales
Cost of Beverages Sold/Beverage Sales
Labor Cost / Sales (same period)
anyone in direct contact with the guests
Maintain "curb appeal"
moments of truth
FOH Expectations
Neat, Clean & Organized
Follow Seven Steps of Service
1.Great Guests
2.Introduce & suggestively sell Beverages
3.suggest Appetizers
4.Take Orders
5 Check Back (two bites of the entrees)
6. Ask if the guest would like another drink
7. Dessert menu, suggest after dinner drinks
Suggestive Selling
tool used to increase food/beverage sales
Training and Practice Required
from "order taker" to salespeople
Guests will be more receptive to suggestions from competent servers
Done correct:
Sales &
Guest Satisfaction
Point of Sales System (POS)
Track Charges: F&B and Retail
Communicate from FOH to BOH
Labor Management: Hours and Payroll
Financial Reporting: Menu Item Sales
Stars-Cash Cows-Dogs
Styles of Service:
Food is prepared & plated in the kitchen
beyond an "order taker"
What type of service is demonstrated in this clip?
Based off Forecast
Before Shift
Line Setup
Teamwork: Schedule/Staffing
Training & Development
leads to respect
positive work environment
higher quality product
Receiving, Storing & Issuing
Why are purchasing and receiving separate?
a point of control
ensure quality, quantity and price

records incoming and outgoing products

product rotation: FIFO
Restaurant Accounting
Fixed & Variable Costs
Balance Sheet: Assets & Liabilities
used to verify financial health
Income or Operating Statement: Net Income
Sales - Cost = Gross Profit
Gross Profit - Other Expenses =Net Income
highest single cost
Administrative Responsibilities
Human Resources
Training, Orientation, Scheduling, Discipline
Financial Management
Cost control
Operations Management
facility maintenance, safety & sanitation
Cook vs Chef
"Cart Service"
Proven System, Knowledge
Experience & Support
Costs, Independence/Creativity
"management begins in the parking lot and ends in the bathrooms"
anticipate guest needs
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