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SCS-CBE Journey-Open House 2017

No description

Ron Kew

on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of SCS-CBE Journey-Open House 2017

Fountas and Pinnell Benchmarking added in the Fall of 2016

Quality Instruction and Assessment

Staff Collaboration Practices

Student Ownership of Learning
Performance Based Assessments
Building Goal for 17-18

Swasey Central School Staff will work in PLCs to develop, analyze, and share at least 1 performance task, which assesses a specific competency by June 2018.

Swasey Central School-CBE Journey
Staff Collaboration
2nd Pillar!
Faculty Advisory Committee and Staff Meetings
FAC group has members from all stakeholders and meets to discuss school wide needs.

Staff meetings have been designated for presentations, trainings and planning.
We participate in 2 PLC meetings a month, to discuss student needs and instruction.
Having F & P data on individual students provides our teachers with specific student information that can be used to gear instruction and activities that match student needs and readiness.
1st Pillar!
STAR Math and Reading
EDM unit tests
Conferencing practices
Consultant on Literacy practices
Workshop model
PLCs include a variety of staff

Collegial teams working in Book Groups and Curriculum teams

Parents and our School Design
PLC norms, student data and meeting notes are kept in grade level Google drive folders for all to collaborate and work on.
Student Ownership
3rd Pillar!
Release time in grade levels to work with our literacy consultant and curriculum coordinator
Next Steps
Make use of flexible grouping practices, in and out of classrooms, to target student learning.
Discuss student work to determine what tasks demonstrate student competency.
Increased understanding of learning competencies through performance based assessment work.
We want to meet students where they are in their learning.
-Richard Dufour model
Competency Based : Students demonstrate mastery of competencies (learning objectives), and advance when ready.
Families are kept informed of the educational practices their children are a part of, and how it leads to future opportunities.

Communication and partnerships with our families supports the work we do together.

Tonight is a great opportunity for all to hear about the learning practices in place at Swasey.
Student-centered classrooms where the focus is on what the students are learning
Student choices and options for demonstrating their understanding
Great Swasey traditions and units of study that engages and sparks student interest
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