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Facing up to University

No description

Jane Challinor

on 9 July 2014

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Transcript of Facing up to University

The link is set up in May to ensure inclusion on the NTU Induction website. The group is closed but three tutors are also members. Groundrules are set.
Setting up the group
a pre-course survey aimed to find out about students' digital skills
Early interactions
the students start to take over....
In addition to answering questions, tutors post relevant information - "seen by" numbers are high even if interaction is not forthcoming at this stage
Information and help from tutors
Facing up to University
...the first year experience on Facebook...
Tutors welcome students as they join. At this stage, the students start to create a private (hidden from tutor) space where they can chat
Student interactions
Other tutors also post
Long before the topic of work placements and volunteering is introduced on the course (at the end of Term 2) students are discovering opportunities for themselves and sharing information
Volunteering and fundraising
questions about preparing for Uni
perhaps prompted by my invitation to become group admins, the students begin to take more ownership of the group, answer one another's questions and post course related material
Choosing 2nd year options
Despite information posted on the VLE, seminars where they can get tutor help and even one to one tutorials available via "office hours", asking each other for help is still a preferred option. This question was raised and answered within 2 hours before a tutor even had chance to see it!
Help with assignments
Carrying out research
As the year advances, students post useful links that relate to their studies - now with more information & explanation
Offering information, posting links
More information.....
one assessment involves designing and testing an online survey. The students use FB to ask for feedback from one another.
In Term 2 selecting next year's options becomes a topic of interest to everyone
Jisc Guide to Social media and Student Engagement
2013 Blog post with links to further research >>>>
Close to final exams, students offer practical support and share information
Creating/sharing knowledge
with many thanks to the HSC 2013 group for permission to use their posts
Jane Challinor, June 2014
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