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Diving Deeper Schoolship

No description

Jeanie Williams

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Diving Deeper Schoolship

a research and sailing expedition
Diving Deeper Schoolship
Water Quality
Going Further
Additional analysis or projects
Form research groups
Finalize research questions and methods
Meet instructors and crew
Present your project to the crew
Get instructions from the captain
Off we go!

Cast off
- Haul in lines

- Coil and stow lines

- Helm with the Captain

Plankton Collection
How does zooplankton composition vary with depth?
Observe weather & sea conditions

- Identify zooplankton
- Calculate abundances
- Compare depths
Examine plankton Samples
- Set up dock lines

- Throw lines

- Helm with the Captain

Sail prep
- Remove sail ties

- Prepare lines

Set-up & launch minnow traps
What is the best way to bait round gobies?
Plot locations of traps
Discuss the goby invasion
Learn to process fish
Round Goby information
Haul in minnow traps

Count and measure fish

Compile data
Measure and collect water
- Dissolved oxygen (DO)

- Temperature

- pH
Intro to Water Quality
How does water quality change with water depth?
- Plot data
- Compare depths
Analyze water data
- Line handling

- Helm with the Captain

Benthos Collection
What is the density of zebra and quagga mussels in Suttons Bay?
- Count & measure organisms
- Calculate density
- Discuss impacts
Examine Benthos Samples
Launch Manta Trawl
- Monitor trawl

- Work sails

- Stay on course (Helm)

How does microplastic concentration vary from season to season, and from year to year?
- Salt water to float plastics
- Count particles
- Sort by size and type

Examine trawl Samples
sail in a straight line for 30 min
Prep to lower sails
- Coil lines

- Add sail ties

- Helm with the Captain

Plankton Net

Filters water from any depth to the surface. ex: 0-20 ft or 0-80 feet
Plankton trap

Filters water from a specific depth only.
ex: 20 ft or 80 ft
Probes for multiple parameters on a long cable
Can get real-time data
VanDorn bottle
A trap to collect water from a single depth
Water hauled to surface and analyzed on deck

A claw that scoops sediment from the bottom of the lake
What can you do?
Observe weather & sea conditions

Observe weather & sea conditions

Microplastics Information
Types of microplastics
Plastics in the foodweb
Great Lakes research
Sources of microplastic
Observe weather & sea conditions

Observe weather & sea conditions

Peer teaching
Share what you did and what you learned with your shipmates
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